$1,500 Doepfer LMK2 Midi Controller, Thoughts?


Hey, friends!

I am looking to buy a solid Midi Controller to make my primary composing tool with Logic X and I wanted to get some opinions on the LMK2. Has anyone had any experience with Doepfer gear or used it with Logic?

I was looking at Native Instruments as a second option but the interface is lame. I like things minimal and I really only use like 3 NI Plugins, nevertheless, the NI S88 MK2 seems to be a very popular choice for the price.

LMK2 User Manual


I have a Doepfer PK88 for many years now and I love it! I use ist with Logic, yes. The keys are really amazing.


I know most of the guys at Spitfire Audio use the Doepfers.

If you want the most piano-like action, I recommend the Kawai MP11SE - Kawai are very well-known for the quality of their feel and authenticity.

Otherwise, do you really need 88 keys and a fully-weighted action…? If not, there are many good quality cheaper options!



I think I want 88 keys because I like to write on the piano and something shorter feels a little awkward.
Will look into the MP11SE! Good action is top of my feature needs.

Thanks, Andrew!


Kawai = definitely my strongest recommendation.

The new Nord Grand would be next choice: Nord worked with Kawai on the keyboard!

Otherwise, you have the usual suspects from Roland, Korg and Yamaha.



I have owned a lot of Korg products over the years and they are decent but ready for an upgrade.


the LMK2 is very robust / sturdier than NI S88 MK2.
But S88 is fairly light weight and better adapted for NI-Mappings.

The Kawai MP11SE is very good, but very heavy 34 kg instead of 22 kg and has really huge dimensions and costs twice as much. (it’s okay, when you use it standalone because of its excllent sound and handling).

The dimensions of LMK2 fits very well (for me :wink: ) and better for using only Software-Synths, -Libraries etc.
And fits very well for Studio-Desktops.

What do you think about LMK4+? Okay, it needs 300,- Euro more than LMK2+, but it has 8 (!) splitzones (very useful for the many different and excellent SpitfireAudio Stuff), has 2 Midi-Outputs and, very useful, 2 additional built-in Faders(!), 2 wheels and 2 dataknobs, all free assignable plus a further foot pedal connection.
Best fitting for SpitfireAudio- (and other Software)-Environment.

Best regards


Then my MIDI Keyboard wont be very intersting for you, i guess, wich is the Arturia Keylab 88. Waighted keys, aftertoch, modulation and picht wheel ( that the Doepfer PK88 doesnt have), some nobs and faders, working well with their software…for a bit more you have a Doefer…but what does that mean… (quality)?


The forum’s database on master keyboards is still looking for knowledgable volunteer editors… (The ‘Release Year’ field is new and mostly empty so far…)


I have added the Kawai MP11SE etc. based on this thread…


The Kawai MP11SE and MP7SE specifications state that they have USB and USB Host connectivity, but the rear panel only has a single USB socket marked ‘USB to Host’. Can any owner clarify the USB functionality, please?


This info was very good Markus!

I will look into the LMK4 option. Sounds like they pack in excellent additional features for a few more $

I did not know the Kawai was actually that heavy which I need to consider.