A few Kontakt questions & ideas regarding the 9000ft piano


Good evening, dear sampletons!

I’ve been playing around with the 9000ft piano, using the Kontakt 5 version of the library (Incidentally: Thank you very much for putting this together, Angus!), and a few questions came up:

  1. The different dynamic layers are so different in character, especially between piano and mezzoforte, that when I play at different volumes, it sounds as if I’m switching between completely different instruments. And because of that, when I’m playing just on the border between two dynamic layers (some notes triggering the p-samples and others the mf-samples), the instrument sounds kind of clunky. Do you all have the same experience with the Kontakt 6 version?

  2. Is there a way in Kontakt of programming a cross-fade between dynamic layers so that the changes in sound character don’t come so abrupt between velocity 50 and 51, but sort of slowly blend from one character into the other?

  3. And also, is there a way of creating a cross-fade between sample zones? (This one would be really helpful for instruments that were sampled in perfect 5ths or even bigger intervals.)

  4. I think it would be great if I could apply a pre-delay to the individual microphones, especially the overheads, to create a natural reverb to the instrument. Is there an easy way of adding a pre-delay knob to the interface?

Thank you!


I have the same problem with Kontakt 6.
Hopefully someone will fix it somehow.
The predelay I think it is not too difficult to add it manually.


Yes, it’s possible to do both kinds of crossfading. The problem is that once you’ve got two samples playing simultaneously, you run the risk of getting phasing issues. Still worth a try.