A Gentle Request (for Piano Submitters)


I don’t want this to sound like looking a gift horse in the mouth, but…

Many of us cannot use your beautiful new library as is. We need to translate it first to another format e.g. EXS to Kontakt or Kontakt to SFZ, or what have you. Also, there are some here who are attempting to translate libraries for the benefit of others.

Therefore, there is the matter of offsets. Usually when making a library it can be just as easy to set a single offset position (Christian suggests 36000 samples https://youtu.be/2nUa8Rkxkk4?t=1002) for all sound files as it is to set arbitrary offset positions for each file and make up the difference in settings within you sampler.

However, for those of us translating, it is a lot more work to have to open each wav file and figure out the offset than if we already know that there is one offset of 36000 samples for all files. If there is only one offset, then we don’t have to examine the wav files at all.

So if you could…


This is a good point. We’re often running into the question of wether libraries can be converted for other formats, and so we should be thinking about ways to allow for faster conversion.

Let’s shift the discussion to ideas on how we could popularize this recommendation. What should be updated on what pages or supported by what types of content or videos?