A Kontakt-Engine for you!


Hey Dudes and Dudettes!

I wish all of you the best for the new year!

I noticed some contributions on Pianobook have very decent and creative samples which are only mapped in Kontakt for direct playback without any engine. And there are surely more people like me, who do more of the heavy lifting of the sounds with the engines. I always wish the people with these great samples would have atleast a simple Kontakt-Engine with some essential tools like a volume-envelope, filter, reverb and so on at their fingertips to elevate their submissions to the next level.

So I made one!

It is the first iteration and it will grow over the next weeks and months.

At the moment it has 4 channels, each with an individual round-robin-chain (groups 1-3,4-6,7-9,10-11).
I used David Hilowitz RR-script:

Thanks! I learned the basics of KSP from your videos.

If you only need 1 group and put your samples just in group 1 the RR-chain will still trigger and not evey press of a key will play a note. I haven´t made/found a workaround for this yet. You could just map the same samples over all 3 groups or delete the two follwoing groups and copy the first one so the RR-chain can still trigger and you get a sound every time.
I couldn´t map the “Pseudo Stereo”-button from the stereo-modeller to the gui, so if you use mono samples and want to use the imager, you have to manually check this button on the FX-chain of the instrument.
The Volume-Envelope and the filters work for all the groups simultaneously. If you completely turn down a channel in the gui-mixer the groups will not play.
The signal-flow is AHDSR->Transient Master->HPF->LPF->Distortion->Stereo Modeller->Reverb
It is made with Kontakt 6 because I do not own K5.

Please feel free to comment, optimize and/or change this engine.
If you have questions and/or need some personalization and can´t do it yourself, just ask me and I can change it for you.

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As someone who doesn’t use Kontakt very much, can you explain what this “engine” is, and how it would make a difference? Are these things that could be done with plugins outside of Kontakt (pushed downstream) or baked into the samples themselves (pushed upstream)? Thanks.


Hi Max,

Good idea. Something that has been discussed on this forum is the use of Kontakt 6 over previous versions. For example the majority of Kontakt users have version 5. I would suggest if you were to develop this ‘Template’, to do so in Kontakt 5 or below to increase the user base. I can help with this if you need.

All the best,



Hi Arc,

Yeah, I know the Posts regarding k5 and K6. But I jumped with Last years Summer Sale from NI to the full version, so I only own K6. If I could, I would have done it in k5.
I could check, If I used new effects exclusive zu K6 and If so could change them to ones found in k5. Then soneone could recreate it in k5 and import the Script. I would appreciate IT, If you could I this :slight_smile:

Hi Sid,

The plain Kontakt itself is the engine playing back your samples. You can arrange the velocity-layers and have with the Sampler-mode some control over the way Kontakt handles the sample while pitching it up or down. You could also apply an envelope or effects to it, but would need to dive into the instrument every time to Change Something, which isn’t that userfriendly. With this Script you can directly acces the mixing of some Channels, a shared volume envelope and some basic Sound-Design-Tools and change the parameters over the GUI.

We all have ihr favourite saturators, compressors and reverbs and I guess none of them are inside Kontakt. You can still use them. IMHO putting envelopes, distortions and reverbs etc directly on samples ist a reduction of flexibilty and for myself I arrange everything to be as flexible as possible.
Tbh I would really like to See cibtributions, which offer me this flexibilty. So encouraging everbody to do so and Out AS much of this work on me ist the only valid thing I can do :wink:

So instead of just mapping your samples in Kontakt for pure playback, map them in this engine and everyone will get some additional dimensions of flexibilty with it.



I see. Thanks for the explanation, Max!