A Memory That Has Stayed With Me For 52 Yrs


Just thought I would share this…

You know when you were a kid and something you did stays in you memory vividly, this is mine.
When I was 6, I started classical piano lessons and drama school as did my brother.
When I was 8 and he was 10, the drama school took us to a big stately home to do a recital thing.

We walked into a large room with a huge window looking over the grounds.
There it sat in the corner of the room and it was the first and only time I had ever seen one and it looked gorgeous. Black keys. It looked so different to our piano at home.
They let me play it and that is the day I fell in love with the sound of a Harpsichord.

Such a beautiful instrument and I could see all the workings of it and how the quill plucked the strings that was so different to how our piano worked.

I will never forget that day :slight_smile: