Ableton - we are numerous and serious


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Ableton user out here. We use, and are pretty proud of our Sampler instrument. So tell me, why are the samples only being provided in EXS24 and Kontakt. Please try to include us guys. We will repay your love.


I use mostly ableton, my only issue is: I don’t really know how to implement the sustain pedal… well, now i’m thinking, perhaps it’s just mapping CC64 to a really long release… will try!


Yes :slight_smile: I’m an Ableton user as well. The answer for why there aren’t Live versions is simply that there are very few multi-DAW users out there. Kontakt is preferred as it loads in anything. EXS24 and Sampler instruments are DAW specific. This project will rely on Live users converting the Kontakt or EXS24 instruments over to Sampler. I’ve done this for at least one and sent to Christian, not sure if it ever made it onto the site officially. Will have to check on that.


I’m wondering if there’s scope for an ‘implementation-independent, sample-based instrument specification description’ format? So that an instrument developed for Kontakt could be converted to EXS24, Sforzando, Sampler et al, with clear and complete knowledge of the samples, splits, ranges, etc. That way it wouldn’t be necessary to have both dev systems (DAWs)… (and it might lead to more sharing, more conversions, and maybe some conversion automation…)


Hi –
I’m happy to see users of other DAWs making themselves known!
My export options are .soundx and .multisample – which would you gents prefer?
: )