Anybody got an opinion on Sample Robot or Samplit for good workflow (or other software suggestions)?


I’ve been inspired to look at sampling a piano here, and also maybe a guitar too.

I’ve looked at some software that could help me.
Two pop up - SampleRobot and Samplit.

Has anyone got opinions on these two, or could even suggest an alternative ?


Hi! It looks to me like (through an incredible low effort google search) these are autosamplers, programs that will trigger a note on an external instrument using MIDI, then automatically record and map these sounds to a sampler instrument.

Unless you have some crazy acoustic instrument tech (like the Yamaha midi pianos) these will not work for you how you maybe think they will.

You will have to record / play each note (at whatever interval you choose, I recommend checking out Christian’s sampling guide and forum responses, which I’ll link below) then map them on your own. Luckily EXS and Kontakt and some others have features that make this process faster, but not quite as fast as an autosampler might.

If by some coincidence you do have one of these magical acoustic instruments though, go ahead and try these. If you are on Mac, Mainstage (apple’s 30$ live version of Logic Pro) has its own built-in autosampler.

How to sample:
What you should sample: What are the sampling rules?


I think Samplit plays a note in your headphones and you play it back on your instrument (i.e. the piano) and it goes back into Samplit & its supposed to auto-trim etc.

(I am not on MAC…)


I own SampleRobot but haven’t used it extensively yet.

For the purposes of acoustic piano it only provides two benefits over use Christian’s record script that speaks at you with a computer voice… that benefit is:
1: in the chopping of the samples into notes. It can auto detect start and stop of the note and create loop points if desired, and
2: it can export to many formats at once (eg. Kontakt, Soundfont, etc)


I own SampleRobot but haven’t used it extensively yet.

thanks, good to know. I dont have a MAC so SampleRobot might be something I might look at.
So are you saying SampleRobot can record instruments that are non-MIDI connected?
I’ve seen a dozen videos where its triggering a VST or external MIDI instrument, but not seen any where it recording an mic’d up instrument.

Is it the same as Samplit where it triggers a tone into your headphones and you respond on the instrument and it records the raw audio coming in?


It basically coaches you through it in the same way Christian’s template does, as outlined here:

So you’re just running a mic line in, to SampleRobot, it tells you the note to play and for how long, and then when finished with a note it tells you to record the next note while it’s cutting it into an individual file in the background on its own

yes exactly


good info, thanks

Can I ask what version of SampleRobot you went for?
There are three available:

I think the Pro comes with lots of “content”, but I just need the functionality to sample and create my own samples.
Would the 79euro one do the job, or do I have to go higher?

I am guessing they have sales on from time to time as well…


IIRC the only difference between Pro and X Multi was 24 bit recording. So X Multi is fine if you’re okay with slightly less resolution, but still lossless. The other cheaper ones only export certain formats as I recall, which is very not ideal.


This looks interesting for building an instrument but I think you need to be able to code :sweat_smile:


Should we gather together our collected knowledge of the ‘ways to build an instrument’ into a shared resource?

Possible contenders (incomplete, of course):
NI: Kontakt
Plogue: Sforzando
Ableton: Simpler or Sampler in an Instrument Rack
Logic Pro: EXS24
Steinberg: Halion
iZotope: Iris2
Hart Instruments: HISE



For Logic also add Alchemy, it has a surprisingly comprehensive sampler


Thanks. I’m awaiting feedback from Timmy on how to share the gathered information…