Anyone giving Air Piano some TLC?


Has anyone tried cleaning up the audio of the Air Piano? There are some naughty clicks that I’ve had a bit if a try at removing. I’m happy to try giving everything some TLC but didn’t want to waste my time it anyone else has started?


Yes, I have straighted up all of the files except for the “mixes”
Evened up the time between the start of the sample and the main transients and shortened the tails.
Just not sure what to do about them now.
Need to export them.
I have them sorted into separate folders.

Is there a guideline or hard rule about the actual distance or lenght of time required by each sample?

Also want to put a fade in/out before I export, how long should that be?

I figure someone else can assemble the pianos who is more familiar with that task. Having the files be more organized can only help, right?
Also, non Kontakt versions would be my preference if at all possible!
: )


Did you manage to remove the clicks?


Which clicks? The loud room noises at the ends of some of the takes? Yes. Clicks within the audio we want? No. I haven’t listened to the individual samples very much for quality. Ears kind of tired.


Just after the transient there are clicks on quite a few notes. I’ve been trying to fix them up.


Here’s a thought: all of the samples each had all of the flaws because they were all recorded at the same time. Why don’t I export one set and you can see what I did?
Which mic/set would you like to see first?


Export out the Close Ribbon Mics. Seems @linus is also giving things a go


Great! I’ll have a dropbox link for you in a few minutes. (I hope.)
: )


Cool, I’m working out the close and front condensers. Let’s merge folders and collaborate.

here is link to close ribbon mic samples.

I did not hear any clicks. Working in my Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones – pretty detailed.
200ms fade ins and outs.

Oddly, one of them was missing B2 – forgot to go and look to see if that was an oversight on my part.


Hi Linus,
Like I said, I have ‘organized’ all of the samples already, but didn’t try to do anything to the part of the audio we want.
I do mean all of them are now in the same state as the close ribbon file I just put up.
: )


Close Ribbon mics definitely missing B2 sample.
Also, just went and had new listen – there are some clicks at the head of some of the samples that I can definitely eliminate before I export any more.

Could also make a list of the ‘fixes’ required. For example, giving D#5 a listen, I hear clicks at the beginning and a key noise in the tail. They will be the same for all of the samples, I believe.

And a question: there are very long tails on some of the notes that I can only hear when I gain them up by 12dB. For example, the D#5, do we need to keep all of that length? Or could there be a cut off/fade out length for each one depending on the noise that needs to be eliminated?


Wow, you are fast. So JustLisa, how many samples/milliseconds to the transient are you using? I’m working on an SFZ version, and I realized that the number of samples/milliseconds prior to the note is different on every one.


that was exactly what I was trying to fix first!
how many would you like there to be? I think I observed in the Kontakt piano construction video, that the builder will choose the number of samples and apply to the whole lot. So all of my files are ‘lined up’ now, so to speak, and there will be consistency for anyone to choose a number after that.
Also, it occurred to me that if a person wanted to combine the near, far, and reverby ones, they would need to have different start times.
They would also need different start times if they wanted to get really technical about high and low frequencies, but that can be for someone else to think about!

Real answer to your question: about 4 million samples, or 1.25 seconds, because I didn’t want to get rid of the info Christian likes which amounts to the time it takes to depress a key.


quick note about the noises…
I went through a couple of the different mics and noted the problems.

In the Close Ribbon files, I found:

GO noise

C0 clicks
e2 reverb tail uptunes
b2 noise in audio
F#3 clicks
C#4 hammer noise in audio
G#4 peddle noise ahead of the note
D#5 hammer in the audio

C0 click
d1 noise in audio
a1 noise in audio, noise ahead of note
e2 noise in audio
F#3 noise in audio, noise ahead of note
C#4 click in the audio, noise ahead of note
G#4 noise ahead of note
D#5 hammer noise in audio, clicks ahead of note

listening to a couple of other sets of samples, the problems are basically the same, with the hammer noise being non existent in mics further away from the piano.
Dealing with the clicks is something I don’t think I can tackle.


Both @linus and I can tackle the clicks if you want to share. I think @linus already did one mic set so perhaps you could take his de-clicked versions and trim them like the others. Then @linus and I could take all your trimmed ones as a starting set?


When I go into the Kontakt settings, I can see all the different mics but I cannot deselect any, I can only add to the selection. Has anyone else had this issue?


Sounds like a plan! I will put longer fade ins on the samples before I export them to take care of the annoying bits in the (heads, leads, what do you call these?).
I also normalized (Just to listen!) and some of the noises are things like a double hit of a hammer, squeaks from hammers and one crazy string resonance. I’m not sure if we want to edit all of that stuff out, or if we can, but I will get to work on the files and put them up all in a zip file later.
Post a link for whatever is ‘finished’ and I will trim those up too.
: )


I used the JJ Alt Mix samples to create a .soundx and .multisample instruments. You can download them with the two links below. I used Melodyne to mildly tune a couple of samples. I removed clicks the best I could with Melodyne and my event editor. I made all the samples the same length. I left in artifacts at the tail end of the samples to give it more realism. I didn’t add a loop because in Presence XT, I need to write a script to decay the sustain. It sounded horrible just one note looping forever. I found just leaving the samples at about 6-7 seconds, the natural decay of the sample sounds more real.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks to everyone for this great community!


I forgot to ask. On the note off, would it make sense to have another set of samples with some reverb so it’s not such an abrupt ending? This is the first instrument I put together. I don’t know if there is a “proper” way of dealing with reverb on a note-off. Any feedback is appreciated.