Automating Sample Slicing


Do any of you here do it? How do you do it? Right now I’m working on an upright piano for pianobook that’s looking like its gonna be close to 1000 clips of audio and I’m more or less cutting each note and tail by hand (hotkey) and trimming to the points of relative silence and artistic transient.

I’m in logic and I know there are features such as as the remove silence tool, but some of my samples are so quiet that any useful threshold I try to set to save me a LOT of time (and not just a little) is negated by having to go back and look for my quietest strikes / velocity layers. Especially for room microphone positions I find this to be the case, the up close ones aren’t so bad in my past experience.

Any tips? thanks


Often my quietest layers on a track will look like this an even an extreme zoom doesn’t always yield a helpful result, so much of the time I just end up using my ears.


proof of not a complete exaggeration lol


Hello Pierce,
1 - watch the video “How To Sample A Piano (in 2 minutes 10 seconds)”

2 - click the “wave” button on Logic to “fatten” the look of the waveform.
3 - you can option click the same button to optimize the zoom length (I disovered this only recently!)

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply! Alas, I’ve already seen the video and the two tricks don’t increase the resolution of the waveform display any, they just scale it to be larger:

EDIT: the site squishes down the image previews, so just click on the image to see the full thing



I know this is a bit more logic specific, but I have other DAWs as well so I was wondering if anyone had found a more optimized solution to this in their DAW I would be all ears as well.

(Although a logic solution would be nifty too)


Logic’s waveform display is trash. I struggle with it every time I record VO in Logic and have to do quick editing there.

I use REAPER and its waveform display is clear and detailed.
Plus, there are tons of custom actions (macros) that come with REAPack that are made for sample library creation.