Can´t unzip the Bagpipe-Instruments



every time after downloading the 2 .zips I get an error. May anyone of you who successfully unzipped them on windows, zip them again and send me a downloadlink?
Thanks in advance!



They won’t unzip for me either, on Mac.

I think the files have a problem and need re-zipping/uploading? Has anyone successfully unzipped these?


The files are large but seem OK. I image you might have trouble with a slow Internet connection. My studio has a 1 gig connection. I dowloaded them onto my mac, and they unzipped as excepted.


I also have 100Mbit connection. Speed should not be the issue.
They get downloaded compeltely but they yield an error every time, when I want to unpack them. Also tried WinRar and 7zip on Win 10.
Some people commented this error on youtube with the shortlist-download. When provided I compared mentioend specs of their systems but could not find any correlation.


For large files and ‘less-than-perfect’ inter web connectivity then multi-part .rar files with .par2 etc., are a better solution. A little more work is required to create them, but the result is robust against errors, missing parts, etc.

Here’s one way to do RAR files (there are other ways!):

And here’s a quick guide to PAR2 and how they help to recover from errors and missing parts:


Hi! Do you have the Unarchiver? If not try unzipping with this tool, it’s a free must have for any macOS build as it’s so much more capable than the built-in alternative.


Doesn’t work with anything. Have tried on two different computers, in different locations, windows and Mac. 7-Zip on PC and various different methods on Mac, they all produce errors.