Contributing without ESX24 or Kontakt? (Alternatives?)


Hi everyone

So I’ve been looking forward to contributing an instrument or two (most likely in the weird instrument category) to pianobook but I have no access to a Mac, ESX24 or Kontakt so I was wondering what the best way of uploading my work is?

I’m using Renoise and Redux’s .xrni instruments to build sounds mostly because the price matches my budget and suits my needs nicely, but obviously that format is a bit niche. So I’m quite happy to upload a bunch of .wavs a per the advice on the site but I’d be unable to build an instrument that most of the users on this site would like to see.

So what is the best thing to do? Ask if someone would take care of the mapping for me or just add .wavs and nothing else?


I’d be interested if an alternative to ESX24 and Kontakt has already been discussed by the way. I had a look through the topics for the last few months and couldn’t see anything mentioned like that.


Here is a discussion of the SFZ format and the sforzando player (free):

There is a stand alone application as well as plugin versions for Mac and Windows.

Here is a video about creating SFZ instruments from PianoBook contributor
David Hilowitz:

Finally, a clean well tuned, labeled and documented set of wav files can also be useful.


Thanks I’ll check that out. Sfz is something i’ve used before but not made a preset for myself, though I believe Renoise creates an Sfz file to save it’s key mapping only so that could work quite well if I can figure out how to code the rest too.

I just scanned through that thread, I didn’t realise that a few people had already made a few sfz format instruments so it does seem like a good choice, thanks!


I have a general question relating to this because my export formats in Studio One are “multisample” and “soundx”
These are somewhat generic formats that many other DAWs can read. But no one ever mentions them here.
Questions? Thoughts?
: )


Oh I’ve never heard of those to be honest, so I can’t be much help there. It’s stunning how many standards there are once you start looking.

Sfz does seem about as close to the best open format after a good long read, it’s just a shame there isn’t a complete gui editor for it at present but I reckon that’ll be what I’ll be uploading sounds using alongside Renoise/Redux presets.


Hi, I had never heard of .soundx or .multisample file formats (I need to get out more!). After some research, it seems they were developed and can be read by Studio One and Bitwig Studio. Unfortunately, many popular DAWs cannot read them, including (according to their websites): Ableton, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper, Pro Tools.

That’s a lot of users, so in addition to your .soundx or .multisample files, if you are able to export to .wav files with note names for each sample (like on this page: it will allow others to import into most any sampler as well as be able to create and re-upload other sampler specific versions of your library for others.