Dedicated application


I am studying as a software developer, trying to work with audio.
Is there any need in a dedicated plugin/application that allows users to download pianos and play them, just like Spitfire LABS or Kontakt? I am ready to develop it on my spare time, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.


Sounds good to me - even better if there’s a LInux VST version (a bit of a selfish niche feature request)



I think this would be awesome! Most of the instruments get shared as Kontakt and not everyone has Kontakt full due to its costs. So a dedicated freeware/open source plugin on Steinbergs VST-platform could actually help Pianobook to exceed the “Kontakt-barrier”. There is also a workaround how to sample pianos here, So there could also be a standardized engine for pianos within your instrument? You could download the Kontakt-instrument and “open” it in your engine. Kontakt-isntruments share the folder-logistics and “opening” the nki could work as starting point for your engine to find and map the samples?


What’s lacking in the current Spitfire Labs application is the ability to use these great sounds on an offline computer. It may sound anachronistic to some, but especially in the audio community there are a lot of people who prefer to keep their audio workstation computer completely offline (multiple reasons: to minimize the danger of malware, to allow focussed work without online distraction or the danger of excessive non-purposeful online use…).

So, what’s needed:

  • ability to install the player plugin from a downloaded file on the local offline computer without the need to go online during installation

  • ability to download new libraries from an online platform and easily load them into the player plugin, without the need to go online first for registration / authorization

  • if authorization of sample content or the software itself is required for copy protection purposes, it should work with a simple key file / serial downloaded from an online user account or sent automatically by mail, so that no active online connection is required during authorization

  • Of course, you could still implement a solution to login and download new content or authorize / register the plugin / content directly from within the plugin via online connection, provided that an offline alternative exists

In your own view, what do you think is missing in the currently available solution and what would you like to add to the table? Ideally get in touch with @christianhenson, because I remember him evaluating different alternatives to Kontakt and the current solution.

Personally I like Sforzando by Plogue, which can be used with any .sfz format sample library downloaded from the internet.


Thanks for all replies.
Now I think that converting existing sounds to .sfz format is way better idea than reinventing the wheel and developing yet another sample player.