Demos and instruments


Would it be possible to have a ‘demos available’ or something similar added to the different libraries on the main library screen.
When looking through all the available instruments it would be nice to be able to see if they have demos without having to click in to find that there aren’t any.
Just a thought.

Great work



I did a demo of Pete Calandras Yahama C7, which is here on soundcloud.

But I do not know how to notify the site admins of pianobook, to associate this demo with the sample set.

Christian did mention in a video that it would be great to have more demos, but I think there should be a sticky on on the forum which is easy to access that has all the important housekeeping information, at a glance.

It would also be great if we have some “guide” on things like levels (max, LUFS, or any other criteria that makes a demo listenable).


Just spotted this thread and agree, it would be great to have a list of instruments both with and without demos!