Do you actually need Kontakt 6 for these babies?


So I’ve downloaded a bunch of stunning pianos, I have the latest Kontakt 5 and apparently a demo of Kontakt 6 which stops me from being to indulge with the pianos. Do we now need to purchase a £359 Kontakt for us to use these? Or is there a way around it?


Hi @LowenTSamuel, I had the same issue, as I have Komplete Ultimate 11, I have the full version of Kontakt 5 but only the player version of Kontakt 6 which only plays a short while in demo mode.
I had a look on Natives site and noticed that I could upgrade the Kontakt 6 player to full version for £89.
I read what the difference is and 6 is basically geared up for people that make their own instruments sampling so if you do that, it might be worth seeing if you can upgrade.

They also say that in the future, all the sample library companies may start making their libraries for Kontakt 6 but until then, if you don’t sample then you don’t need to upgrade.

If you want to use one of these instruments in your music, you can use a piano from K5 to write the part in your DAW then once it’s all done, load one of the K6 pianos into that part then print that part to audio before the demo times out.

That’s what I used to do but I did upgrade yesterday to K6 full as I want to get more into sampling.

Hope this helps.


I think it depends on what version of Kontakt the developer of the sample library used in the process. If I remember correctly, in one of @dhilowitz videos he mentioned that he prefers to use a slightly older version of Kontakt for ensuring wider compatibility.

It could be useful if the Pianobook Library profile pages for each instrument mentioned the required version of Kontakt. Alternatively it could also help, if more sample library creators would support the open source .sfz format, which can be used irrespective of any version number issues with the free Sforzando sample player. After all “free libraries” are just as free as the tools that are required to make use of them.


I’m just uploading a new version of 9000ft Piano for Kontakt 5. I think it would be helpful to keep the standard at 5.8 if possible.


I would prefer no Kontakt at all!
The 9000 foot piano is useless to me as a Kontakt instrument – unless it’s 4 or earlier. I prefer Presence in Studio One to Kontakt for the gui legibility issues.
: )


Presence is limited to Studio One users, while an open format like .sfz can be used freely in any DAW, including Studio One. Hence, there is no advantage in supporting the Presence S1 intrument, when you could do .sfz and reach a much wider user base. You could take the samples and do your own Presence mapping (and preferably share with the community) though.


They can’t satisfy everyone. That’s why submissions should always include the WAV files so people can make their own sampler instruments


I would love to create my instruments in Kontakt 5 but I don’t have a copy (my first full Kontakt was V6). Native Instruments make it impossible to buy older versions which means new sample developers have no option but to make in Kontakt 6.


Presence can load any file type except Kontakt after version 3 or 4. so sfz or exe would be perfectly suitable!
Please and thank you.
: )

reassembling the Toy Piano for myself means my version is not like the one anyone else will ever be able to use because it has never been uploaded to the site.
and after rebuilding several instruments because the file paths were illegible (hardwired rather than relative), it’s just not worth the time and effort.


I’m still working in kontakt 5, will continue to upload K5 stuff!


I agree, I would appreciate something like .sfz format! In the mantime, I’m going to try loading .exs files into Mainstage…