Does anyone know of a piano sample that matches the Studio Ghibli sound?


I’m looking for something like this:

There’s a kind of piano sound that’s present in a lot of Japanese music, but I haven’t quite found anything on here that matches it yet. Preferably it’d be an EXS instrument, but Kontakt or anything else would be great too!



Hello Max!

Looks like you’re going for a Contemporary Concert sound, with far Mic positions. Its not part of Piano Book, but have you considered the Cinematic Studio Piano? ($69) The timbre and the built in reverb are very similar. If you whack the reverb up to 76% you can get really close just on the default mix.

Hope this helps!


Komplete has a piano I really like called “The Grandeur” which is a concert steinway grand similar to this one. If you were considering investing in komplete for kontakt it might be worth the wait, I’ll share a brief demo of me playing on it at the bottom of this post. A lot of the sound you are looking for is in the room and clarity of the recording, the advice above this post is good.

Also Piano in 162 is awesome and free! Check it out here:

this piece is mostly improv: