Edinburgh Fringe


I saw this website and thought of Christian and you guys:


I’m not connected with this in any way- just thought if you’re around it might be interesting!


So cool someone has posted about this! I was intending to reach out to Christian and suggest sampling it…

I saw one show at Pianodrome and it certainly was a cool venue!

As well as the many pianos that make up the raked seating, they have a grand piano to use for the gigs. My thought was it would make an amazing “piano swarm” style instrument if you mic’d each piano and then also recorded the room as it was in a pretty ambient space

The performers were also making use of the whole space with percussive effects on the wood, played from behind the audience

I know someone who knows someone who organises this venue, so if anyone is interested we could approach them next year and make a plan to sample it ?

I don’t have need to work in 5.1 but it would be a great sample instrument to record room mics/surround channels for… and indeed as they have an “in the round” PA in there I’m sure you could do some cool stuff feeding effects back into the ambience of the room etc

It would also be super cool to have a live show with someone playing piano from a MIDI controller of the pianos sampled in there !

Right - enough chat - if anyone’s interested drop me an email (thomasfproduction@gmail.com) and we can see about a plan for Fringe 2020 :smiley: