Expressive E Osmose (MPE 4-octave piano keyboard)


Here’s the press teaser:

the next evolution of the piano keyboard

For decades, the musical keyboard has imposed limits to players’ expressivity. That’s about to change.

On November 20, French instrument manufacturer Expressive E will announce Osmose, a new generation of the keyboard instrument that will revolutionize the way music is made.

The result of seven years of R&D focused on a players’ interaction with electronic instruments, Osmose pushes the limits of musical expression. Every key features the incredible, patented AKA (Augmented Keyboard Action) technology, which gives keyboardists a new landscape of physical gestures for interacting with sounds and producing music you’ve never heard before.


Interesting. Makes me wonder what it’ll offer as expression techniques. I quite like the idea behind the Roli Seaboard but I imagine it’d feel like playing on a big sponge so if it’s something in between that could good be good.

(just after replying here I saw a teaser trailer on YouTube before a Rick Beato video. Lot’s of excited producers but I still know nothing :man_shrugging:)


I’m very interested in this, I love aftertouch and this looks like the next generation of it. I’ve got their Touché which is a really cool, really well put controller so I’m looking forward to trying it out.


Drew Masters has some sort of overlay on his lmk4 that works like a seaboard, I’m guessing it’s something similar (at least I hope so!).


I believe that is TouchKeys:

It’s similar in that it is regular shaped piano keys with multi-dimension touch. However, this is it’s own product rather than an overlay to existing products


Dang that’s expensive, £190.00 for one octave!


I’m curious about this too, I love the idea of the seaboard but I hate the feel.


It’s officially here: