EXS24 pedal and RT round robin issue


Hello community.

I need a lot of help with round robin set up for pedal noise and Release Triggers. I fear the EXS24 isn’t up to the job but it’s my favourite player and I desperately believe I can make it work.

Anyway - I spent part of the summer meticulously recording two beautiful pianos using @christianhenson round robin template. Back in the box today and I got the audio files al nicely organised and grouped in an exs24 instrument.


  1. round robins all set for soft and loud layers although playing an arpeggio only rotates around the first file on each key.
  2. Pedal on and off won’t respond the sustain pedal
  3. release triggers only play first file and I can’t get the decay right when lifting keys after long pedal-less sustain

The pianos are a Blüthner and a Broadwood. I’ll try add pics here.

I can add screen shots of the EXS24 instrument if that helps but I fear that I’m better off in Kontakt :frowning:

Glad to be a part of this jolly bus of noise makers and I can’t wait to share these two pianos.