Fender Rhodes sampled for EXS24 [UPDATE]



Some weeks ago I came across Christian’s YouTube channel and this wonderful pianobook project. Absolutely inspiring, both of them! I have never done any sampling before but this is the beginning, so here we go:

Following Christian’s template (and Kate :slight_smile: ) this is my first attempt to sample my Fender Rhodes Mark II Seventy Three. It was built in 1982 and has its very own special character, a little quirky here and there and I love it. I quickly found out that it will be very hard to transform all this quirkyness into a sampler instrument but anyway: It’s amazing what the sampler instrument sounds like by now.

The signal way for recording was like this:
Rhodes --> ART Tube MP StudioV3 (a small tube preamp) --> RME Fireface 400 --> Mac
No noise reduction by now.

I put a little audio demo together: DEMO.
(First half is dry, second half is the same but with a little EQ, Chorus and Compressor)

You can get the Samples and the EXS instrument here: markus Rhodes V2

Please let me know what you think about it. Any comment is appreciated.



PS: I recorded the release triggers too but didn’t include them in the sampler instrument because they were so low that I could hardly see any waveform, even in maximum magnification …


hey just one quick quest…
how many RR did you record?
i would like to try something because i work on a sampler with no RR support :3


Excuse me: what is „RR“?


Presume he means Round Robins

Round-robin functionality is offered by most samplers and employed to authentically mimic the sounds of real-life instruments such as drums, guitar and bass. It enables users to assign two or more samples to a single key before playing them back either sequentially or in random order.
So if you repeated the same note there times it wouldn’t play then same sample evrytime.


Nice Rhodes samples too!


Christian’s basic instrument example contains no round robins at all (https://www.pianobook.co.uk/how-to-sample), just two layers, one loud, one soft. And yet his 2 minute piano sounds quite good.


Yes thanks :3


Ah, ok - thanks!


This is nice, do you wanna submit to the main site so more people can have a play?


I would like to try some slight improvements first. When this is done I would love to see it on the main site. ok?




So, finally I built it up from scratch again:

My purpose is to catch the character of the Rhodes. Of course, the sampler instrument will never be as subtle and authentic as the real instrument, but this new version is much closer to the real thing than the first one was. It contains more samples (about twice as much) and I did some further adjustments to velocities and other things that work quite well, I think.

I recorded the Rhodes with “Bass Bosst” on 10 and there’s no EQing. So I suggest to lower the frequencies around 320 Hz to get a more transparent sound.

I call it: The mRhodes.

Demo: here
Download EXS: here

And, as always: any comment appreciated.

Rhodes Pad for EXS

Thanks <3


Love this!

If I had any requests, its that the rhodes is too kind! maybe another velocity layer a bit louder so that we can scream at anyone listening to us play.


Sounds really good. Maybe put it on the Pianobook frontpage for better publicity as @christianhenson suggested previously? I just found your post by sheer luck.


Hi Ike,
thanks for the reminder! I will definitely look after this.


I’m happy (and a little proud) to say that the mRhodes has finallly arrived at the pianobook library: :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations! Happy to see this and trying out soon.