Good media composer forum recommendations?


Has anyone got any suggestions for decent forums for media composition?

I’m kind of just getting started so I wondering if there was a good place to talk to others in the know, network and pick up some tips.

I say kind of just getting started, I’ve been making music about 20 years and have been working with a short film maker recently. Originally he grabbed some of my music from YouTube, next I wrote some music just based on a script that he edited in, I’m now writing to picture on his latest and next up is a feature film. His films keep winning awards at short film festivals too which is very encouraging. Any suggestions would be very interesting.



Oh sweet, thanks I’ll have a good look at that


Can be quite a depressing forum. Also check out perspective facebook groups


Thanks for the heads up, been on plenty of cliquey forums and facebook groups so I’m always prepared for the worst to be honest :smile:. Does Pianobook have a Facebook group? Couldn’t find one.


Well, the goal is to make this here forum a good media composer forum :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah it certainly is from what I’ve seen, I just wasn’t sure how much people would want to talk about subjects other than sampling on here, all though I’ve a fair bit to learn from that alone.