Hardware samplers


I know there are lots of Kontakt and EXS users here but is there anyone still sampling things with hardware samplers?

I use my Kurzweil PC3K8 a lot for sample mangling as I love the VAST system and the way it integrates so tightly with the hardware controls - great for building performable instruments. I had an Elektron Digitakt for a while too which I really regret selling. The more I look back at it the more I realise how interesting and creative a tool it was!

I’ve got an old XV-5080 on my desk which apparently loads Akai samples but it needs things like SCSI drives which sounds like a dangerous eBay rabbit warren to get stuck in, so I haven’t really explored that.

Really interested to hear what you’re all using (if anything!), and if so what you like about it…


Sometimes I use my Nord Electro and their sample editor for chromatic sounds!

I think it’s amazing simply because I can use the effects on the keyboard itself and essentially create my own sound-banks. Definitely more rewarding than downloading them haha