Here's a free Beat Box instrument for Kontakt 5.6+

For anyone who is interested, I made a quick and dirty beat box instrument for a recent project. I was playing around with my kids - pretending to have them play air drums, and realized, ok I need to make this an instrument. So download and enjoy - obviously this will work very well with more than hip hop - it can be used as a creative back beat or even used to additional percussive elements to existing drum track, etc…

I hope you have as much fun as my boys and I did!



Thanks for sharing this, have you already submitted it to pianobook? Also just in case you weren’t aware this was posted twice

I’ve not submitted to PB/was afraid I had it in the wrong spot…
I don’t follow directions well. :neutral_face:

It’s okay to post stuff here in the forums I think, but it might be easier for everyone to see your finished instrument on the proper pianobook site, especially if this instrument isn’t a work in progress.

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