I built a violin!


For the next few months, I’ll be living in London. The thing about taking long transatlantic trips is that at some point you start to miss your physical instruments. Lately, I’ve found myself missing my violin which I had to leave back in Philadelphia. My solution? Build a new one right here in my Airbnb.

And yes, I do plan to sample it…


This is great!
Can’t wait to try it!


@dhilowitz To be honest I thought it was going to sound bad but really I am quite impressed so well done :+1:


You made a cello and a violin, are you going to magically create a piano now :slight_smile:

Great video


Sounds great - way better than I expected tbh!


That was awesome :smiley:
Thanks for sharing!


Hi David,

Am excited to hear the samples of this!

If you want a hand recording it I would be happy to either play or engineer if we can coordinate a time. I can suggest a possible location with a good ambience we could use

Tom :slight_smile:


Very cool. I thought i’d never own a violin, now im not so shure any more.

2 quistions though:

  1. what mic did you use to record? i noticed you didnt use a large diaphragm condenser mic or a condenser mic…why not?
  2. what processing did you aply to the raw sound? …Pre-amp. compression, eq, reverb etc.