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It has been quite a few months in the making, and its fairly close to being finished. Sitting right now at a gig and a half, I’ve sampled the upright piano at my parents house for kontakt. Included are sustain pedal sounds (press and release), key sounds (press and release), sympathetic resonance impulse responses, a simple note layer from my iPhone, and a complex note layer from a pair of AKG P170 small diaphragm condensers.

I have the GUI nearly done, all of the mapping is done and the last 1% of lining up note attacks and volume is all that’s left for sample optimization, the trouble comes in for the script.

I’ve created variables for 1/2 of the planned knobs (Volume layers for the notes, and volume layers for the sustain pedal noises — the other two knob groups not there yet are key noises and emulated sympathetic resonance). The knobs for the note volume per microphone layer are done, and included in this linked instrument. The sustain pedal presses, however, are where I have failed. As of right now there are two hidden knobs (Easily visible in the script, I have commented them out) which control the volume of the sustain noise layers. These work perfectly fine, but the actual sustain pedal behavior is giving me trouble.

Between every other key-press it seems the sustain pedal noises get muted. Not only this, but I also have the issue that others are having where key releases are delayed by the press of the pedal and sounding accordingly. If this were just a couple-of-groups instrument, I should have no problem implementing some of the previously-linked workarounds posted on the forum, but alas there are very many groups handling the different tasks of this instrument. I’m sure that some more problem-solving on my end could wrap up the rest of the work and get this instrument out there for everyone to use, but quite honestly I’m very burned out working on this instrument. The sampling session alone was 6 hours total, and I’ve spent many nights over the past half-year or so tweaking parts here and there to get the feel close to home.

So that brings me to the title of my post… what should I do:
Would you guys prefer that I release this kontakt piano as it is now?
Should I open it up for the community to finish the scripting and then release?

I’ve gotten it to a point where I would be happy releasing it as is, but there’s definitely a lot of piano instrument left to squeeze out of the samples that to my knowledge not one single free upright piano sample library on the internet provides.

Anyways, directly linked to this post is the kontakt piano as-is, nearly done for anyone who would like to tinker and download. If you guys enjoy this piano and feel that it is good, I would be more than happy to submit it to the main pianobook page for a release.

Thank you,

  • Pierce

The Loud Piano


Hello Pierce,

maybe the best choice is to upload it as it is, and hopefully someone will find a way to fix it and re-upload a fixed version.




Just downloaded… this piano is a beast! Wonderful job.
Have you released other Kontakt instruments before?
I’m amazed how specific for the velocity layers for each note are.


Hi Pierce,

I’d be really happy to help you finish off the scripting on this one if you’d like some help? I’ll have some time at the end of the week.


Thank you, yes I have a couple others on pianobook, although none this detailed. See Emenee Audion, Decrepit Toy Piano, and Toy Glockenspiel.


I’ll get back to you on when I am available, but that would be killer. Conceptually I know what needs still to happen and roughly whats causing the problem, just not how to fix.


No worries. Feel free to get in contact anytime. :slight_smile: