Importing to Bitwig Sampler



Does anyone have experience importing into the Bitwig sampler?

I’m brand new to building multisample instruments so maybe I’m missing some basic knowledge around…

-Different lead times for each sample
-Some samples have the note struck twice

If anyone has experience or can point me to info on understanding these issues, that’d be appreciated.



Hi Kim, are you already aware of Robert “Polarity” Agthe’s project to convert the Pianobook samples to Bitwig sampler format? Here’s the github page in case you haven’t seen it
Only a handful of the Pianobook libraries have been converted so far, but I’m hoping to help out once I get to grips with converting the format…

If you’re asking because you’re also planning to contribute, good for you :smile: :+1: Unfortunately I don’t have immediate answers to your questions without more detail, but obviously we are somewhat restricted by Bitwig sampler’s lack of multisample features in comparison to Kontakt. However, with Bitwig’s grid and modulators, we have the potential to build something equally powerful in other ways, or perhaps more so.

Regarding the different lead times, my preferred method to correct varying start points is by editing them in an audio editor before importing them.

If samples are striking the note twice, have you checked whether they are looping? That’s the only thing I can think of right now that might be causing that problem…

Good luck! It’s good to know that someone else is helping to convert the Pianobook libraries - thanks!