Include Kontakt Version on instrument page


As the title says, many of us who own a full-version of kontakt do not have the latest version and thus cannot use every instrument. It would be nice to know ahead of time if the instrument were too new to use before downloading, as often some of these files are quite large.

Case example: I own kontakt 5 and I would like to download ‘Jonah’s Ambisonic Rhodes’, I however do not see a version listed on the info page and thus assume that it will work right after I download. After 30 minutes of downloading this 850 MB (expanded) instrument I now load into kontakt and find out it does not work.

I have no ill will towards anyone who has a different kontakt version of me, especially since theres literally nothing you can do to make your instrument backwards compatible lol. Its more of an issue with NI and I know thats something we can’t solve here, so instead I propose we just include a little # addendum or something next to the “Kontakt” links.


I also have Kontakt 5 full version, I have Komplete 11 Ultimate so I have Kontakt 6 but only player not full version. Can’t see the point of giving me the player version as everything I load in it is in ‘demo’ mode so I only get a few mins with it.

Anyway, this is my way around that. When I have written the midi part, I load in Kontakt 6 player, load the piano that is for Kontakt 6 full, then print that part to audio. Do it quickly before the ‘demo’ time runs out. Then you have that part as audio. Simples :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestion, I know this is possible but I spend more time playing the pianobook instruments than using them in writing.

It is certainly possible to use them in demo mode, but I’d rather not spend the time to download for something that have to hassle with and refresh every time to use.

I know the “best” solution is just to get kontakt 6 and not worry about it, but until that’s in my (and many others’) budget it would be nice to just have the slight extra documentation.


I concur. Was hoping to try Amped Music Box for example, but K5.66 does not work and K6 is not in the plans yet.