Is RX Elements good enough for polishing samples?



I’ve seen many of you working with RX7 to clean up your samples. And what you’ve done with it, really looks like magic to me.
iZotope has this bundle on sale right now (713 USD worth of stuff for 49 USD), including RX Elements, and I’m tempted to hit ‘buy’.
But before I do, here’s my question: Would RX Elements actually be enough to perform the basic tasks I’ve seen you do, like isolating the signal and its overtones, removing the noise floor, or surgically removing clicks from within the sample?
From what I gather from their website, Elements does include automatic detection and removal of noise and clicks, but I’m not sure if the parameters are customizable enough to clean up a sample without losing its character. Any experiences?

Thank ye!


I have the RX Elements. I think they’re okay, but I personally wouldn’t choose to rely on them for proper noise reduction. I tend to combine them with the tools that come with Adobe Audition and some of the stock logic plugins, as well as some other weird one-offs I have.

If you’re really serious about getting proper noise reduction tools, save up and wait for the normal or full version of RX to go on sale. Then you get the proper software and spectral editing benefits.


Thank you for the insight, Pierce! I think that’s what I’m going to do, although the bundle does look pretty neat. The distortion plugin alone might be worth the money.
(I’ll just do what I always do: Ogle the thing till the offer has expired.)


HI can definitely answer more in depth if someone could do me a favor and link to a feature comparison list between elements and advanced? I’m trying to figure out what modules you lose access to


Thank you, Timmy! Here’s a list of features:


RX Elements is what I use. I’ve found it extremely helpful. That being said, I do wish I had Spectral De-noise and Spectral Repair.


Thank you, David! If I recall correctly, you used it for the Gate&Squeak challenge to isolate the note and its overtones, right? I wasn’t aware that this was RX Elements. In this case, I should probably go ahead and get it.

(I apologize for making such a big fuss over this small investment. Out of a job, so I spend an inordinate amount of time on rationalizing every penny spent.)


I did use it for that, yes. I’ve managed to eek a lot out of RX Elements.


Yeah, in my experience Spectral De-noise is a pretty crucial module. Deconstruct is another one I use quite a bit. As with most things, you can get by with the cheaper options but will be struggling to do things efficiently.


I purchased that bundle pack as a starting point with the aim of keeping an eye out for an upgrade offer.

I have just tried the VoiceDe-noise out and it appears to do a very good job of removing general microphone hiss.


@dhilowitz I bought RX elements some time ago but have only used the De-Click which it did a pretty good job.
Do you use it for De-Noising too? I only saw a Voice-Denoiser, is this what you use? I’m just wondering what you were about to eek out of it in terms of tasks ?


Yep! That Voice Denoiser is actually perfectly suitable for music uses. In fact, it works really well. The main thing that the Spectral Denoiser has that the Voice Denoiser doesn’t is that is that is very customizable. The Voice Denoiser is very basic, but it does work very well out of the box.


Fyi most of the elements stuff has been on sale for $1 at plugin boutique at some time - I wouldn’t recommend the $49 bundle, unless you just really need the elements version of every plug-in at once!

I’ve used Brusfri (it was half price a while back), and have been happy with the results :slight_smile:


Peter, in addition to BillyWilliams reply, if you had an active ProTools subscription between April 23, 2018 and May 7, 2018, might want to check your account. Avid was depositing a loyalty perk and gave a free full license for RX Elements 6. I was surprised when I discovered it in my account a few months ago and was still able to add it to my Izoptope account to get my copy- It also came with the AU plugin for Logic.