Kontakt 6 worth it?


Hello all,

It’s great to be here! I’ve subscribed to Christian’s channel for months now and love his stuff and this community.

I’m trying to decide whether or not to upgrade to Kontakt 6. I have Kontakt 5 full version. There aren’t that many YouTube videos about Creator Tools - can anyone speak from personal experience about whether it’s worth it? What it can do that other 3rd party helper software can’t, etc. I’ve dabbled in a bit of Kontakt scripting and I am confident that if I ever needed to I could do enough Googling/begging for help on forums to accomplish whatever goal I might have.

But I’m always interested in the path of least resistance, and honestly one of the things keeping me from making more libraries for myself (and the community) is the absolute chore of properly labeling each audio file. As I understand it, Creator Tools can listen to all of your audio files, pitch and amplitude detect and just drop them into where they need to go. If this is true it sounds like magic.

In conclusion, just looking for a discussion and personal experiences about pros and cons of upgrading to Kontakt 6, specifically about using Creator Tools. Thanks!


I haven’t seen any developers releasing libraries that insist “Kontakt 6 and above”. I don’t think people were significantly enthused to take that step yet. Maybe when more libraries call for it, people might be obliged to upgrade. But not me, not yet.


I have not upgraded either, although I am starting to see the message saying that I need to for a library to work (free ones here included). Saying that there should be NI salea for Black Firday and Christmas upcoming that include K6.


If you love Soniccouture’s Haunted Spaces it might be time to upgrade. (you need Kontakt 6.4 for this awesome feature)