Kontakt Video Tutorial: How to Make Mic Level Knobs (aka Instrument Busses) + FREE KONTAKT INSTRUMENT


I’ve just uploaded a new Kontakt tutorial video: How to Make Mic Level Knobs (using Instrument Busses). It comes with a free Kontakt library (link in YouTube video description).


Thanks David and for all your Kontact tutorials for this Kontact newbie :slight_smile:

One bit of advice please …

I sampled my wifes Melodica and each sample includes the initial blow however when you play the real instrument any subsequent note wouldnt need the breath part of the sample as the instrument is already full of air pressure - unless you take a new breath of course. So my proposed solution is:

When a note is played get Kontact to look and see if another note is being held >
If No then trigger complete sample
If Yes then play the sample from about 1/4 to 1/2 second into the sample

Before I go down a complete rabbit hole of scripting any thoughts/considerations?