KSP Scripting Courses

Hello everyone, I’m not new to recording, but I am relatively new to making instruments, I’ve started getting into Kontakt lately, but I have 0 scripting background, experience, knowledge and am finding the scripting to be a real headache.

I’ve looked pretty hard and found no real courses, and figure there likely are not any beyond the random lessons, manuals and forum posts that can be found, But I thought I’d just double check to see if anyone knows of any good in depth courses, or if David Hilowitz should go ahead and just be the first, because his videos have been very helpful and I would pay pretty good money for an in depth course from top to bottom.

I’ve considered writing one (I pretty much have written one but it’s not fit for publication). Full transparency, I undertook this as something I would sell. In the end time vs return didn’t seem worth it.

There’s not much out there that I know of. I learnt just by reading the KSP manual included in Kontakt. There’s also the Kontakt scripting forum on the NI site where you can ask questions. Here you’ll meet Evil Dragon, a Kontakt wizard, who promptly answers pretty much anything Kontakt related you can think of!

Thank you, I’ve been digging into the manual a bit already, but the whole world of it is very new to me, so getting some examples and seeing it in action helps a lot. I’ll check out the forums when I get a chance.