Midi controller with logic pro x


Can anyone help with CC set up.
Spec is:
Logic Pro X
Mac OS 10.13.6 High Seirra

I have spent the best of all day trying to get the NANO to control faders for expression etc whilst keeping the transport for logic.

The Korg Editor dines’t work - it crashes on load up.
The Korg FAQs are no helpful.
I cannot believe I am the only person in the whole world to have this issue!

HUGE appreciation fro any tech support you lovely people might be have.


Did you see this video?


Thanks Sid

Yes I did.

The Korg Control Editor keeps crashing on load up so I can’t complete setup as per this vid.


Hey @Movedrill,

I have the nanokontrol studio so I can’t say the process will be exactly the same, but I can’t imagine it being being that different either.

I never managed to get my head around the korg cc editor for the same reasons as you - it’s not very helpful. From trial and error I found that Korg and logic are not friends and having both softwares open at the same time will cause crashing. Does the device appear in logic in ‘setup’ as per the video Sid posted? Does it already work with volume faders ect? If so, you probably won’t need to use korg’s cc editor like I didn’t.

With my Korg, I found using the usb connection to be tricky because the ‘scene’ button isn’t utilized whereas on Bluetooth it is. So, to setup my expression faders - I did it with Bluetooth.
I followed the instructions also mentioned in this video and set it up manually.

I wanted to be able to use both normal fader functions AND expression controls, so after I assigned the functions I created a shortcut to ‘bypass all parameters’ (find it in shortcuts and assign your own).

So after all this, the process for me is

  1. Automatically start with normal fader control setup upon start up of logic
  2. Go to setup where you should see a picture of your device and all of your assignments.
  3. Find the assignments you made for expression ect and copy them.
  4. Use bypass all parameters shortcut and you should see all of them disappear.
  5. Paste your dynamics,expression ect back in and you’ll have your expression faders.
  6. To return to normal fader setup just use the shortcut again.

I have no idea if I’m making any sense here. I’m not a tech person . There’s probably a thousand easier ways to do it but this is what I figured out.