My new album EARTH :)


sharing with the community here my new album EARTH
im very new to piano and mixing and all,
so its very experimental,
im just learning through as it goes along


EARTH is an emotionally soft, silent and delicate album made with lush interplay of pianos, ethereal string textures, poems from friends and nature sounds. It comes to address the challenges we face as humans on this planet and the possibilities in our hands and hearts to embrace the trans-formative space we wish to see to happen.

EARTH melodies came through while i was soaked in the silence and harmony of the Himalayan Forests and out of this world mountain landscapes in Nepal and India. This album is a collection of transmission of this beauty and peacefulness of nature and its resonance on the expressions to let-go, be free, self-contented and being peaceful within.

Love you all !


I wanted at least one full length demo, shame. I do love the idea behind this project though.