Need advice - Piano mic placement with pair of small cardioid condensers - tips


Hi guys/girls

I’m going back home from university next week and I’m planning to sample my parents 1927 Schwechten grand piano which they have used for years to teach with. This is a beautiful piano and there’s a story about how it came into my parents hands for free which I shall share once I’ve sampled it :slight_smile:

I plan to use my Mac with a Steinberg UR interface and a matched pair of SE5 small cardioid condensers. My current idea to approach mic placement is to have the mics X/Y and a few feet above the strings of the piano.

I’d like to know, given the mics available, how you guys would approach micing it. I also have a few large diaphragm condensers to hand but no pairs. Is there some way I could make use of these as well?

Thank you Pianobook!


@jblunsdon Not sure but I would use all mics available to you, maybe watch this vid for any hints on how to sample a grand


Just to update, I managed to find a pair of LDC Behringer B2s that brought fairly ok results. I’ve done a basic attempt at sampling and I’ve submitted it to pianobook so I’m hoping it’s good enough to get accepted, time to wait and see :slight_smile: