Noise Reduction Help (High Quality Steinway Recording)


Dear All,

I just wondered if anyone with the relevant software can noise reduce some samples for me. I recorded a great sounding Steinway and a Yamaha U3- however, both recordings have difficult noise flaws- particularly the Steinway which was unfortunately recorded in a room with very prevalent air con!

It’s driving me crazy, as these samples are ready to go (bar editing)!

High-quality recordings made with a pair of neumann U87s and schoeps mk4.

If anyone can offer a hand, it would be greatly appreciated- otherwise the recordings will be wasted, and the addition of a Steinway to the Pianobook, lost!


Angus Roberts-Carey (ARC Samples)


Hi Angus,

If you can send me a link to the files I’ll spend some time cleaning them up. I’m on hols in Pembrokeshire and the weather towards the end of the week is looking dodgy!! It’ll keep me out of mischief :+1:

Alternatively, send the files to




Have you gotten the help you needed?


Yes thanks. Piano available here:

Keep your eyes out on the forum, as there is a potential big project I have in mind for Pianobook.


Sonva sounds awesome, congrats!

To help people tackle noise reduction more confidently, I wrote a 2-part article on the topic for Sonarworks.
Here’s part 1.