Organ Donation (No, really)


Last year I recorded a 1930s era Pipe Organ with the original intensions of releasing as a paid for product. However, a year on, and now about to start a MMus course at Goldsmiths- I don’t have the time or energy to edit all the files by myself.

It’s a deep sampled organ, with 3 stereo pairs (close, ambient, room), so there’s around 4000 samples to individually trim, edit, and noise reduce. So I thought it would be a great project to offer up to the Pianobook community, and to see if anyone wanted to get involved.

I’ll need about 5-10 Audio Editors to bounce out the audio from 10 Logic Pro X files- the more the merrier (and quicker to produce). All the samples will need to be noise reduced. There is already an engineer on board for noise reduction, but again, if there are more people who can assist- it easies the workflow and quickens the project release time. I will then create the Kontakt Library, and if anyone wants to put additional sample library packs together for other software, that would be great too!

If you want to be involved- let me know below!


I’m up to both bounce audio out of Logic, as well as doing NR.


I’d also be interested!


I am very busy but I would like to help, you are making great libraries :grinning: and I would be happy to be involved in any way you need.
Also, I usually use Brusfri for noise cancelling, is it OK or I have to use RX?


Thanks all, could do with a couple more people on board for Audio Exporting if there is anyone else interested on the forum


Hi Pianobookers,

Sorry I’ve been quiet on this lately. Just been getting into the flow of University and starting a new job. If anyone interested wants to DM me on here their email, I can add start ORGAN-ising this to get the ball rolling!



Hi Angus,

I mentioned on Twitter that I am happy to help where I can. I have seen in some videos that most people tend to use RX7 for NR which I don’t have but I am happy to help out in any other capacity. I am a Logic Pro X and Bitwig user.



Hi Angus,

I am in.

Best Regards


Hi Angus,

Any news?


I’ve been horrendously busy this past month starting my new job and finishing off uni projects. I’ve got a bit of time today folks, so I’m going to try and bounce out the audio myself so it’s all succinct. I’m cutting down the audio files into 4th steps (C, D#, F#, A) for each octave, so hopefully should end up with less than 1000 audio files for people on the forum to help noise reduce!


Quetzal, are you free today if I can ship of 1/3 of the samples to you now?..Thinking it would be great to release before Christmas!


Hi Angus,

I will try!
These days are the most difficult, so I can not promise anything :frowning:
From Saturday I will have plenty of time.


Did you have any room sound recorded?