Palm Muted Mandolin


Finished up another half done instrument, a mandolin played palm muted like an electric guitar.

A rough and ready little Kontakt instrument that sounds like an idiot who can’t play properly messing with a mandolin and doing palm mutes. Because that’s what I am! It kind of sounds like a shoddy General MIDI ‘Muted Guitar’ patch. Especially if you crank up the effects.

This is really only usable for single note lines. If you catch it right and the notes are triggered from separate groups then you can get chords, but the groups choke themselves off and too close intervals will simply silence each other. If there’s a system of determining when to self extinguish or allow chording it is beyond my programming level. The velocity switching was about as slick as I’ll be doing for a while.


The top and rightmost knob sets the Velocity Switching point.

The leftmost ‘LED’ beside that knob switches the Velocity Switching on/off. With the LED dimmed it will only play palm muted samples. With the LED lit you get palm muted below the switch point and an open note that’s quickly muted above it.

The LED between that and the knob switches between a simple either/or switching when unlit and a random chance of either sound happening when lit

The lower and leftmost knob is the Effects Blend knob, add in some or too much delay and chorus.

The LED to the left of this is the Effects on/off switch.


Made with Kontakt 5.8.1 (R43)

Way more notes than are played by the Version 1.0 release were recorded and are loaded into the groups in the instrument. There’s a lot more flexibility available for variations in the sound if you can figure out some switching logic to take advantage of this.

As it stands the notes are effectively switched approximately where an open string would be.




Love the interface! Looks really neat. Can’t wait to try it.


Nice interface.
Are those buttons moveable, or just part of the background graphic?
And if so, are they stock buttons got from somewhere ?


I made the LED buttons and the knobs in KnobMan.

I’ll dig the files out and post them here tomorrow, they’re not on this computer.

If you want to move them edit the main.txt file in the resources/scripts folder. $vel_byp, $vel_rnd and $fx_byp if I remember correctly, or something close to those names.

Edit: I just realised that the look on the UI is enhanced by exaggerated drop shadow added in the SkinMan program when making the background/wallpaper. the led graphic is only 1/2 the solution.


The UI is probably the best feature…


Hmmm, Skinman and Knobman - two programs I’ll have to check out.
(I see some knobs are public domain so could be used commercially too.)


If you want some free knobs or switches to use in your Kontakt scripts there’s a whole gallery here:


Here’s the KnobMan file for what I used in the mandolin -

The actual one used is ‘rnd_red_led_sw.knob’ but it was shortened to ‘switch.png’ after rendering for final use. The other 2 .knob files are just examples of doing the same thing a little differently.


thanks !