Pianobook Discord Server?

Thoughts? I know people have mixed feelings about discord, but I for one prefer it to the forum-based approach since it is much more real-time and easier to quickly bounce ideas around.

I haven’t made one, but if a lot of people are interested it might be worth considering. There aren’t really any other communities out there on discord that are as focused on the sampling side of production as far as I’ve seen.

I would join

Never used it, so I wouldn’t know what it provides that this forum doesn’t. But generally, I find that the conversation is already so fragmented between different platforms. I follow pianobook and Christian via the newsletter, YouTube, the PB homepage and this forum, and still I miss a fair amount of announcements (because I’m not also on facebook, twitter, instagram…). So personally, I’d prefer the conversation to remain on one single platform, instead of having 10 different (but very similar) conversations in 10 different places.


I would join if everything is well organized there in order to make it appealing for all users. I think it will be pretty useful in order to have different topics and also keep it connected to this forum so both platforms complement one another. Personally I prefer Discord due it’s pretty intuitive (if server is well organized and programmed) and also maybe the idea of voice talking groups and getting feedback in that way about all different topics (like audio processing, music feedback or Kontakt/ESX24/SFZ programming) could be really cool.

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I dont think Discord would give us anything this forum doesn’t. Maybe quicker answers and a conversational-like format.

That’s exactly what I’d be looking for in discord. I think people are also much more likely to start a conversation in that environment, it’s much less effort to get something going / you can be quickly informal without leaving much of a footprint in the conversation.

At least that has been my experience

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So I ended up making a server not for pianobook but just sampling in general. This is just so that I may quickly dispatch instruments that I am testing out for Kontakt / exs building and have a place where people may ask questions in real time.

I didn’t want to make a separate forum post since I know it was not something all of the community was interested in, and I think those above me made good cases. However, should you be interested to join as a place where the pianobook community may be able to hang out in real time, the link above exists.
If this is an issue @StephenTallamy @timmy I will be happy to take down the link.

I like the idea, Just joined the one linked above too. It’s just another good way for people in the community to chat and share ideas.