Pianobook on Spotify


Hi everyone,
I have seen the Pianobook demos batched together on Soundcloud playlists, which is great, and I appreciate everyone who has been taking care of this.
I am wondering if anyone else has taken the the track(s) they have made with elements from this resource and put that ‘demo’ out on streaming services?
I put out the track I wrote using the Yamaha U1, and thought that compiling all these together on a Spotify playlist could be a nice idea for many reasons, and it will also shine a bit more light on Pianobook, which is never a bad thing.

Anyone else have their Pianobook demo track out there?


Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

I used Spitfire Simcock Felt Piano and Kristiansand Concert Steinway blended together. The FX are mostly SoundToys FilterFreak