Pianobook Sampled Pianos and Commercial Productions


Hi All.

Would anybody clarify for me.

Are all these sampled pianos from pianobook royalty free?

Can i use these free sampled pianos in commercial music productions?

Do i need to credit the author once music published?

best wishes.


@Musician They are all free and you can use them how you like in any project you do.
You can’t sell them as your own instruments though as that would be unfair to the contributors :slight_smile:


You may find more information on this topic under the Terms of use:

  • Your samples may be freely used by anyone accessing the Pianobook library. Usage of samples may be to create commercial and non-commercial musical compositions or recordings, however repackaging of the samples into a commercial product will be forbidden without your express permission.



Thanks for your reply @KeithTheodosiou58


When people submit their samples to Pianobook they are asked to confirm they agree to the terms that ensure that they have full permission to share the samples and that they can be used in commercial projects.