Robots Composing Music


So a robot is going to compose a piece of music live and the score is going to be instantly transferred to 100 orchestra musicians via tablets on their stands so they can play the piece as it’s being written.
Now I am all for technology for composers which gave us synths then vsti’s that give us the ability to use orchestras in our music that would otherwise be impossible for us to do.

The thing is, they are saying that this AI software should be a ‘tool’ for a composer to use to help compose not a rival in making music.
But the way I see it is, when I sit at my keyboard and start composing, what I lay down in my DAW comes from me. The emotion I feel at that particular time of writing. I might be sad, I might be happy or I might be angry but whatever mood I am in, that will reflect in what I am composing.

If I use a piece of software to compose, it is not me, it did not come out of my head or from my heart so how can I call that piece mine. How can I say to you, ‘listen to this piece I wrote’.

What are your views on this particular tech and will you embrace it or deny it?


Christian and his guest talked about this in their recent video.

It won’t expand the boundaries of music and probably nothing unique.


What do you then say about arpeggiators. which you also find a a good number of orchestral sample libraries

A lot of good music is algorithmic and can be most enjoyable…

At the end of the day, who made the machine and told it what to do - via manual or algorithmic control? - Humankind.


@OK1 The point is I can program my own arps which most of the time I do but using software to compose a complete piece is not the composer so how could he say he wrote it. That is the point I am talking about.