Rusty Gate demo track


Hi Folks !
New member here !
This is a demo i’ve made using only the sounds of the five “Rusty Gate” finalists.
Maybe there is a place on the pianobook website for these demo ?


Submit the demo like it says here and we’ll find a place for it


thank you!


Sounds great :+1:


Great track Art!

Interestingly, this is the first demo that’s been submitted using a Rusty Gates instrument.

I think that this could be because, even though the competition was done under the Pianobook name, the community has come to regard it as being it’s own thing and the instruments it produced being seperate from the other Pianobook instruments.

This may be because of the different way that the instruments were created. Instead of community members sampling their own pianos etc. to create a single instrument, over 400 instruments were submitted from the samples Christian uploaded.

I’ve emailed Christian about this and I’m waiting to hear from him but I’m interested to hear what the community thinks. Are the Rusty Gate instruments Pianobook instruments? If so, which ones? The Top 5? The 10 that are available on ? All 400+?

If Rusty Gate tracks are being added to the demo page, should there be a single Rusty Gate playlist or one for each instrument (given that they all sound pretty different?) Maybe the Rusty Gate instruments deserve their own seperate SoundCloud demo page?


Thanks Guido!


Nice Job Art!


Thank you!