Sample Relay Challenge (Max's Bentley Piano)


@MaxMcGuire I like No3, I just like to see the inner workings of a piano lol


There you go :slight_smile:



I’ve made the stereo tracks and normalized everything the best I could with the time I had:
Also, here is the instrument with the 2 new pics:


Looking very nice!

I am torn between the second one (with the black keys just poking out and ‘Bentley’ in the top right hand corner) and the first one from your more recent post.

I’m not sure the very last one (with just the tuning pegs) works so well as that part of the original image was not in focus due to the depth of field I was creating with that particular shot.

Looking super! :slight_smile:


When do we think we can get this submitted to the Pianobook website?


glad to see some movement on this! I can’t use Kontakt, so…oh well.
I would be very interested to know which samples you chose in the end and how you organized the release triggers and maybe I can assemble an alternate version of the piano in my Studio One Editor. This can be exported in a format that is legible to other anti or non-Kontakt users.
I have the tools for batch processing now and can export the samples again if anyone would like me to.
: )


Hard to say. At this rate I wouldn’t dare to guess that, but I hope it’s done and tested before xmas,…

@JustLisa I just picked the files not marked as ALT or REJECTED.

If I find time I’ll cut the files next week, but I’m afraid I can’t promise anything.