Sample Relay Challenge (Max's Bentley Piano)


Thank you for feedback about the samples! I’ve never done any noise reduction before. There are a couple of odd clicks in a couple of the samples, but it’s the beta so I wasn’t worried about that. I don’t know if the info says, but the round robin layers I set up to be random.
Also – the start times are way too long. I would really love to know what it should be roughly. Release triggers were uneven and too loud in general I think.
I’m not sure about the tuning info. I will look into it.
: )


I’ll have to look into SFZ Random Robin, I didn’t catch that in the code, so thanks for the heads up. As for the start times, the code has between sample-start=“28000” and sample-start=“30000” for the notes, and sample-start=“15000” for the release triggers.

I found 36000 to work well on the notes in SFZ as far as responsiveness and 13000 on the releases, though I may revisit that.


I had a complaint that the action was too slow! And it starts about a quarter note behind pressing a key. I can’t play quickly and that’s kind of a problem, I think. I did some experimenting with midi, recording or rendering the files and looking. Fascinating. Compared to a ‘professional’ sample based piano – it’s a pretty significant difference.
Great to know that the info in the file corresponds to the numbers I expedited.
About the tuning – the -999.99 translates to a value of -.1 st in the editing window which translates to -1 cent in the player view of the instrument.
So Bentley was a little flat in places – as much as 3 cents!
: )



I just saw this and downloaded to create the Kontakt version, but now I’m trying to make sense of the audio files and have a few doubts:

  1. I thought the “rts” files were the release triggers isolated but, when listening to “01C0 rts”, in the “(02)” file I hear the note and then the RT, and when listening to “(04)” and “(06)” just the RT. Also, the same happens with the “12D#3” files, but there is no “rts” string in the file names, so I’m not sure what to make of that.
  2. What are the “414 L” (1, 2, 3) and “414 Q” (1, 2, 3) files? I’m guessing 1, 2, 3 are the RRs, and Q and L are soft and hard, but just to be sure.
  3. Are the Coles included?
  4. I think the “alt” files replace the “slot” of the “default” take because the sound was better. Is that right?
  5. The “pick up” files. I’m puzzled. There are 6 D#5 files (3xQ and 3xL) and another 3 “rts pick up” files.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t figure it out.



If you opened (unzipped) the .multisample file, there is a multisample.xml that lays out the specs. That is what I used.


Yeah, I saw the XML, but the difference between the 02 and the 04/06 files puzzled me because I’m a bit extreme about structure/file/naming normalization, and one thing lead to another…
After reading it more carefully (and ignoring mi OCD :wink:) I see what @JustLisa did here.


We now have a page for Max’s piano on the website, featuring the version Christian put together for Christmas. It would be great to put up the community version also - do we think that’s in a state we can use?


I’m afraid my Kontakt version is not ready.
Well, the instrument I uploaded in October just needs testing, and maybe fixing if a bug is found, but I haven’t had time to retouch @JustLisa 's files, and I really want to standardize the files length/function before adding the sounds to the engine.
Nothing wrong with her files anyway, so anyone can add the sounds to the instrument and make it work.
If someone does it I’ll solve any bugs found, but I want to create a version with strict normalization if I can, to allow, among other things, future experimental expansions like a wip (and weird) piano-legato or an organic sequencer.


Looking and sounding great! I quite like Christian’s build of this. With a little ‘splosh’ it’s character is coming out nicely I reckon.

Currently away from my main machine with Kontakt so I can’t see for myself but do we have a version up with one of the background that @angeruroth made? That might be a nice finishing touch!