Sampling in Cubase using Halion 6


Hi Guys,

I’m a Cubase User and recently I got hold of Halios 6 which has sampling capabilities (somewhat) similar to kontakt otr Logic’s EXS24. I haven’t used it so far, so I’m curious if anyone had any experience using Halion to create an instrument.

For now it’s Youtube for any instruction videos for me! Tips are welcome!


It’s a great sampler but a bit difficult to get to grips with - I’ve barely begun and it takes some time. There are some good YouTube videos and paid-for tutorials on Groove 3 and on streamworks. It can also import EXS24 and Kontakt instruments but I don’t know whether it supports Kontakt 6. If you can get into it there’s all sorts of great sampling options and processing - granular and wavetable among other options. I think it takes some learning.


Did some test sampling and it feels a lot like kontakt. Not quite there yet, but I think I’m gonna use it the future!



I just got Kontakt in the sale and used Halion until this moment. At the beginning it was overwhelming with all of Halions windows and the possibility to redundant open the same window several times. But Halion can do a LOT. Only a FM-module is missing atm (?). After some time the workflow was really easy and fast. I still use it,
when I need to do a simple instrument for my own. It also has all tools for basic soundshaping.

best regards