Sampling with one Microphone



how do you sample if you only have one microphone?
Do you just keep it in the center or do you move it around?


So far I’ve liked moving the microphone around, unless that microphone is gonna be mixed with other stereo stuff. Then I have my sampler have it key track the panning, so left notes come more from the left etc.


Great question, this got me thinking. I have an upright and I open the cover to record. If I had one mic, I would move the mic closer to the strings you are sampling. In other words, move the mic. However, I think capturing the sound board could be better if you want to capture a uniform sound source. I would remove the sound board cover and record from that location to test the balance of each note. I would probably do both and take what sounds best. I think it would takes less time to sample everything at once than going back and repeating the process. Let us know what you did.


I would sample it twice; once on the left and once on the right and then combine the two into a single set of stereo samples.


This may result in a better sound, but I would careful with this in making sure to replicate your performance. Otherwise your instrument might sound a bit wonky and if you’re not hard panning you will likely get phase issues.


It would be quite hard to double-take recordings without getting some phase issues… no matter how perfect you are


Yes, if listened in mono, but I noticed that Christian miced a piano at the far ends of the keyboard. It seems that would give the same phase issues if listened in mono, or am I missing something (I’m no sound engineer).