Say hello! (New Community Members Thread)


This thread is for new members to introduce themselves. Say hello here!

Share a bit about yourself, perhaps about your background as a composer, sound designer, musician, what have you.

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Good morning and hello. I’m really looking forward to this Pianobook journey with everyone. I think it’s going to be a nice place to be.


Hi everyone. I am a composer musician originally from North London now based in Colchester UK. I was taught classical piano from the age of 6 to 12 then I self taught myself guitar and keyboards. I have been writing many styles of music since the late 70’s but I havn’t done anything major. Looking forward to meeting fellow composers :slightly_smiling_face:


Great to see this Community section up and running, thank you…I hope you’ll have seen my “piano-in-the-sea” photos in the Sea Burial section of this site…many thanks to Christian for this whole Piano Book journey and I hope to be submitting the samples of my own piano later today…I’m an amateur home-hobbyist who happens to be as captivated and passionate about this whole family as anyone…very much looking forward to seeing where we all take it…


Hi everyone - I’m a composer based in Cumbria in the North of England. My recent work includes music for the Calm app, multiple library music albums ranging from Cinematic and Drama to Indie, Rock and Sound Effects and I make sample packs for companies including MusicTech Mag and Sample Magic. I also recently released a new album called Noir which you can hear here:
If you want to know more my website is

I am a regular viewer of Christians blog, as I’m sure many of you are and I am looking forward to seeing how the Pianobook project develops and being part of this community - I can’t wait to listen to other peoples music too so please share any links. Worth adding thanks here to Christian for your inspiring content and the discussion inspired around these topics.


Great to be here. Always been a fan of Christian and everything he does for the composer community. I started composing about 3 years ago, mostly short films and doing some youtube/podcast themes. I’m not much of a piano player, 20 years of guitar :-), but I am getting a little better all the time and I really enjoy both the creative side and learning the technical side as well. Looking forward to chatting with all of you and continuing to learn and grow as a composer.

Forgot to mention I am based out of North Carolina in the US with my lovely wife, 2 kids, and 2 dogs :slight_smile:



I was so quick to say hello, I forgot to add what I do in music!!

I don’t compose music for media. I play live and do studio work where I can. Most of my work comes from creating backing tracks for singers and dancers. Not a particularly creative thing to do as I copy someone else’s work but trains your ear very well!!

My creative side comes out when I remix people’s work. I love being given vocal stems and then left to create something new.

My main instrument is Piano which is why I am so attracted to the Pianobook project.

I’m based in Leicestershire in the UK.


Hi my name is Dave Jones. I’m a pianobook fan from day one and up to now enjoying others efforts. However, looking forward to learning Kontakt (my main sampler) and making some sampling progress. Many thanks to Christian for the time and effort and resources he’s put into this community and also to all who have been involved in setting up this forum, website and the initial EXS to Kontakt conversions. Really looking forward to this. Forgot to say I live in South Wales and compose for fun and relaxation.


Hi guys …
I am a composer from South Germany and i love electronic music as much as soundtracks or any other kind of music. I work in the box and with a lot of hardware. I met Christian Henson a long time ago at Frankfurt Musikmesse and he convinced me to buy my first sample library, which was the first Albion I collection and i got addicted. Since then i try to involve myself more into audio than my current profession (graphic design) and try hard to balance all this with my family life … haha!

Cheers from Germany


Hi everyone!

My quick intro… I’m an IT professional by day, composer any other time I can get! I’m a big fan of Spitfire Audio and everything they are doing for the community and in particular Christian, whom I’ve been fortunate to meet a few times and even win a Moog DFAM from (in the 200th episode competition). I was very keen to try out sampling - it’s a great way to build a unique sound and become inspired from different sources.

I’ve submitted my piano “Family Piano” to Pianobook and looking forward to it being published for others to try out and give feedback. Always keen to meet other composers and share experience - maybe I’ll see some of you guys at a composer event in the UK sometime soon!



@StephenTallamy what part of IT are involved with, I’m a network engineer during the day, struggling composer by night :grin:


I’m a cloud architect working for a company who supplies media solutions to broadcasters like Sky. For example we created the tech behind Sky+ and Sky Q here in the UK - similar stuff around the world. So you could say I work in television!


Greetings! Looks like this has the potential for being quite an interesting performer. I’m a professional composer/orchestrator/music producer/engineer from the greater Minneapolis, MN area. I’ve been involved over the years in orchestration for lots of pop recordings, commercials, media music, performance, and orchestration for live performances. My current piano collection includes a Yamaha 9’ CF3, a 6’ Kawai and three Fender Rhodes pianos (not sure if those count :wink: ). I’m really fascinated with he idea of orchestrating totally with piano, and have been collecting a lot of commercial sample libraries to prepare for an album project of my own (including lots of prepared piano stuff, like the IRCAM libraries). I particularly want to explore and expand upon some of the techniques that I’ve seen in videos that Dan Tepfer has made (he does it with real, physical pianos, whereas I want to do it with samples to avoid the mechanical latency). It’s really interesting to establish a curated set of things across a keyboard and improvise with those (e.g. delays, prepared as well as non-prepared sounds, secondary parts with non-standard tunings/scales going in contrary directions, etc.). I’m really happy to see the availability of so many interesting piano libraries these days. I enjoy prepared piano sounds, but I’m not too interested in getting any heavy duty hardware inside my own piano.


Hi all,

Watching Christian Henson streams on making music, I recently picked up my old hobby. Composing music. I have a classical background (played the french horn) but never seen it fit to create a career out of it / I am currently working full time as an IT professional. Probably because at a young age (10) I discovered how to produce sound with a PC.

Currently a couple of violins are in the mail for me and my son to try our hands on. Always trying out something new.

@christianhenson thanx for inspiring.


Hello all. I am Mitch and I run a small youtube channel called TheAudioDabbler. I mostly work with iOS Music Apps and am excited to convert some of these sample libraries to iOS so they can be enjoyed on an iPhone or iPad.

iOS also has some really great and weird samplers and effects that can manipulate samples in some crazy but very intuitive ways. I am excited to dive in and see what myself and others can create.


Just joined. Not sure what the issue was (could have been memory running out on the laptop I was using - on second thoughts), but I could not setup a new membership via Chrome Browser (on Windows 10)… Had to use the dark lord - Microsoft Edge…

Anyway I’m here…

Thanks to Christian H, and all others for making this site possible. Looking forward to being a part of it all, and enjoying the diversity of related thoughts on the subject of sampling and pianos.

Always loved film music, and would have loved to be another Hans Zimmer… (wouldn’t we all)… Music is my main passion, but it has had to remain a serious hobby, while I earn a living doing something else.


Hello Pianobook. I have been following this idea since Christian first floated it out and have embarked on restoring my family’s 1890’s Kimball upright partly because of it. I’m a Canadian amateur cellist and composer who looks forward to sharing and seeing where this whole thing goes. I hope to have my instrument sampled and posted by the summer. Looking forward to it.


Hi all, I am Andy. I am a composer located in Oakville, Ontario Canada.

I am a piano player :slight_smile: Guess that outs me.

Like a lot of people, I took many years to get where I am. For me that meant a 30 + year detour in marketing. But thanks to the founders of Spitfire Audio I am here now.

Such inspiration. I am looking forward to future collaborations.


Hi all, I’m Ted Kocher - myself and a few of my colleagues made “The Lounge Piano” and the “Toy Piano Ensemble” - hope you enjoy!

Would love to hear what you make with them!