Say hello! (New Community Members Thread)


I’m new here, so wanted to say hello!!

Not really great with forums, but I love to be in touch with fellow musicians/engineers so would welcome anyone getting in touch (

I’ve played violin since the age of 3, focused mostly on folk music and folk style string parts for various acoustic/pop projects (I’ve also played sessions for various library tracks - Audio Network etc)

In my 20s I got into playing bass guitar, which I love and I’ve gigged pretty widely specialising again in folk/acoustic and also working with amazing musicians from Tanzania, Gambia, Senegal etc. I’ve travelled to West Africa and had the privilege of mixing various acts from there both live and on record

My current work is mostly a combination of FOH sound and artist management (my embryonic website for this is now live here:

At home, I run ProTools and undertake some mixing work - as well as a band project with friends for which I produce/programme. I would love to mix cinematic music, and am open to discussing ways I could help anyone in need as I build up a portfolio of mixes in different styles

It’s only really been in the last 18mths that I have got more deeply into samples, running Kontakt and scouring for good freebies which led me first to Spitfire LABS and Christian’s (fantastic) videos. Pianobook is such an amazing concept and I’m so excited to see it grow into other areas

I would love to make some of my own samples, and if anyone is interested in collaborating I have plenty of instruments/ideas… it would be amazing to sample my own string stacks (fiddle, viola etc) and my Dad also has a fairly wide collection of unusual instruments at home in Ayrshire - balalaika, mandola, clarsach etc

Like Christian -although less often- I am a WILLIE!! Based now in Edinburgh, but working all over, frequently in London but also abroad. Haven’t been in Scotland too long so particularly keen to connect with people here

Thanks to everyone who has made these amazing instruments and this inspiring community; I will try to force myself to make time to write a few demos, but I’m also happy to talk about other ways to work/barter together…advice on live sound, studio mixes, fiddle overdubs, fixing specialist players etc

Thanks for reading and happy pianobooking… :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Martin Russ, and I blog as ‘Synthesizerwriter’ ( )

I have been making electronic music since the end of the 1960s, starting with magnetic tape loops and tweaked toy organs/harmonicas, passing through designing and building my own modular synth (using unijunction oscillators as the main sound source), then through MIDI, digital and FM (DX Owners’ Club etc) with lots of now-vintage gear on Opcode Studio Vision (thanks Gibson!), and have ended up in the 21st Century using mainly Ableton Live for which I write lots of ‘unusual, non-mainstream’ Max For Live plug-ins ( search for ‘synthesizerwriter’ on ). I also wrote one of the ‘additional reading’ undergraduate textbooks covering ‘Sound Synthesis and Sampling’ that Music Technology students tend to ‘acquire’ in PDF format… and I am working on the fourth edition…

I’ve been working on a new sample-based synthesis method for about ten years (There’s a AES paper covering it, plus more on my blog…) and I use Audacity for sample manipulation ( using some custom Nyquist plug-ins that I wrote - see the blog ) plus Ableton Live to build the virtual instruments. I’m here because I want to move outside of the Ableton Live ecosystem and make my stuff more widely available: which seems to probably mean Kontakt and Sforzando (for different reasons), as well as this forum (and the Pianobook web-site) seem to be where there’s a lot of relevant knowledge and expertise…

So that’s me. Once I’m involved then I tend to be a do-er and a contributor, not a leech. If I start to lurk then it is usually because I’m busy on another project (I’ve ghosted all sorts of stuff…)

Ta for reading!


Hello! My name is Jason Beck and I live in Newcastle, Australia. I have been composing music for around 7 years now for mostly web based promotional material, short-films, 1 commercial so far! The latest was a book release trailer? I guess thats a thing now, well more work for us!

I have a few spitfire Audio libraries and have been watching Christians channel since he started it. I use The Labs on almost every project, so good. I primarily work in Reason as my DAW which is a bit unusual but I love it and also have pro tools but do not use it as much. I want to engage more here but I do not have Kontakt full or logic pro/ that sampler.

Question- Are there other reason users on here? If I made a sample library using reason would there be people here who would use it? Especially now that with reason 11- you can open reason as a plugin in other DAWs I thought more people may be using the reason rack.

I am about to sample an odd piano for a Uni project which we are actually studying this music community and making a sample library as a way to engage/ respond so you’ll hear more from me soon!


Hello pianobook!

I’m James, I’m currently studying film music at leeds college of music and I am very keen to start sampling some of my own instruments. I have been making use of some pianobook instruments in my recent projects and now I’m looking forward to contributing some of my own! :slight_smile:
I have started watching tutorials on kontakt scripting so if anyone has any advice on the subject then that would be much appreciated.

If you’re interested in hearing my music some examples of my work can be found here

Looking forward to sharing the next stage of my journey with everyone :smiley:

Hello to all. I love piano
Learn to play the piano

Hi PBers!

I’m a career producer/composer, at it for 25 years now. After a degree in piano, I started in jingles in Nashville, moved to LA to write and record pop music, and now live near Sacramento and split my time between film/tv underscore work and record production and mixing. I’m dying for a new project that would ‘require’ me to buy BBCSO.

I’ve got a cool 1948 Steinway M (We’ve named it Hensley… I’ll share that story when I sample it.) that’s never been rebuilt, so I’m intending to sample it for you all when I slow down for the holiday season. I’ve used it on lots of records over the years, including a Christmas album that is sort of Piano Guys style, but before the Piano Guys got famous. 98% of the sounds you here are from the piano, slaps, strums, plucks, thumps, knocks, hammered, muted, etc. It makes for nice holiday party background music.

Here it is on Apple Music, but it’s lots of different platforms…

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Good morning!
Just stepping in to say hi! Based in the Middle East, originally from London, background is classical piano (ABRSM) for 13 years and music theory.
Went to music school and studied orchestration + production/sound engineering. Massive fan of Spitfire and Christian’s channel. Love generating creative content with other musicians. I produce for other artists mostly in various genres - hybrid orchestration to Hip-Hop to Bossa Nova…
Currently working on my EP of modern classical.
Thanks awfully for all your brilliant contributions to the music community! You guys are all amazing! :heart:

(My profile pic is a Spitfire pencil that was sent to me some time ago when Spitfire had actual merch😉)

Hello pianobook community

I’m Chris the synth noodler, pianist, weird instrument maker, YouTuber and occasional short film soundtrack composer guy. New here but I’ve been wanting to contribute for a while. Looking forward to gettng to know you all.

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Hello there!!!

Im a guitarist/ singer/ songwriter and i play some piano, bass, percussion and what else i can find.

I started with this home recording stuff, when I needed backing tracks for life performance and a CD with my own work to give to venue owners so they could hear what kind of music I make.

The idea of a home studio was always to be able to record my own songs.

I started out in a caravan with a laptop and a tiny midi keyboard, now I’m in a room with proper adjusted acoustics, an 88 weighted keyboard and everything else one needs to make great music.

I’ve spend years on youtube learning how to build a homestudio, what gear to get, how to be a sound engineer, sound designer, how to work my DAW etc. All technical stuff. Now (thru Guy Michelmore who pointed me to Spitfire audio, that send me to Christian Henson and now I’m here), I hope I have found a community of creative people making music and (sampled) musical instruments.

This whole (awesome) project reminds me of when I was young, listening to music like Joy Division and our local equivalents (like Factory Toys in Den Bosch) they used to practice in abandoned, huge, industrial halls, and using all kinds of pieces of metal and what not to make….sounds J We were just very young kids and all of this was very exciting and cool.

You can use anything to make music/sound and I can’t wait to get started and meet you all.

A big thank you to Christian Henson and all the other people who have contributed and have made this possible.


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Hi I just found this site - what an incredible collection. When I started, I did not have a decent piano…I ended up buying Native Instrument’s Ultimate pack to get some decent pianos. I recently got myself a nice mic and so, to create a piano for others, I went and recorded a buddy’s upright piano and made a Kontakt instrument out of it. I had no idea a site like this existed! Not sure if the piano I recorded would be good enough for this collection, but I’ll submit it nonetheless. It’s currently available to download for free here: -> Store

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Hello and thank you for this treasure trove of sampling. Look forward to getting caught up and everything in the future. L.E.

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Hi all. Mark from California. I’m an absolute nub at music, despite having been in it to some degree since 1978. I’m a chronic pluginaholic - so naturally I’d find Pianobook and be drawn to it like a magnet.

I don’t use Kontakt of have a Mac, but I’ll probably die if I don’t get these pianos, so I’m making SFZ versions of them as I have time. I just finished my first - also my first ever SFZ instrument creation - the Church Steinway. I just finished it, my reason for joining, and will upload as soon as I figure out the proper way to do so! There’s also a demo on Soundcloud of the completed SFZ version…if someone wants to point me quickly to where to submit “new versions” of pianos - or say “same place that you submit the actual pianos” that would be fine if that’s the case. Also, how do I submit demos?

Thanks, and hi again!

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Hi, I am Chris Furner and run Fitdog Studios a commercial studio near Northampton We have been running the studio for 16 years. The Studio has recorded Sam Smith, Rachel Furner, The Amazons and many West end stars and celebrities. We have also recorded audio for computer games , TV, audio books and Major Record labels. However our main speciality is in serving the local community where we have recorded hundreds of artists every year from around the Midlands. We also sell Royalty free music from our site

We are so happy to join this amazing site and are looking forward to getting more involved. :slight_smile:

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hi everyone, love the site and the pianos. in the spare time I’m “translating” some pianos in sfz for all those who don’t have kontakt nor logic

Hello everybody.

I am a Musician/Composer/Performer, based in Switzerland and Germany. Most of my work these days is in TV and Theater (plays and dance)

I remember how excited I was when pianobook launched. Then I kind of forgot about it, getting list in work amd all, just to rediscover it now. Thanks to Christian Hensons YT channel I found my way back and dinally signed up :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays and see you around!

I have just started getting into Composing/Producing film score and general media composition. Before this however I have spent many years producing electronic music and have studied level 3 BTEC and HND in Music Production. While I am only just setting out into film score, I intend to infuse my skills in electronic music into this new field (new for me anyway) and learn new skills. I have no training in Music Theory nor do I play any ‘actual’ instruments. (People seem to think the synthesiser isn’t an instrument?)

If anyone is interested in listening to my slightly underwhelming, boring and for lack of better word, crap music, you can do so here

Hi a little late joining the community as I sampled my piano (Monington and Weston - M&W) in October after being inspired to do so by Christian and is now in the library.

I am a UK retired military/civil pilot so I am in the fortunate position now that I can pursue music production as a full time hobby without the pressures of feeding a family and directors time limits!

I first got into sampling with a Casio FZ1 back in about 1987 but have had a 25+ year break due to work/family and that awful disease called Golf :smile:

Anyway I hope to contribute more and today submitted my wife’s Melodica Soprano so looking forward to listening to the amazing work you are all doing and my goal, with the help of the likes of David Hilowitz, is to get better with Kontact.

Hey guys, my name is josh, and I am trying to find my way into the world of film scoring. My goal is working projects regarding human rights.
My favorite scoring style is ambient, but I also like composing just about anything cinematic. I also love crossover country.

No time like the present!

Really cool Fanshawe track that, almost brusquely intense. I see in the youtube comments that it is appearing in International Baccalaureate theatre unit work, I took Social Anthropology for IB back then , similar areas but no DF exposure. :grinning: The track sounds very similar to Bernstein’s West Side Story “Mambo!” Some similar frenetic energy, I wonder if there’s any connection?

Hello Pianobook!

I’m so thankful to have discovered such a thoughtful, uplifting project. The concept of artists supporting each other and creating instruments for each other to use for free is really awesome to me. Many of us, myself included, can become so focused on marketing and monetization, that the real joy of writing and producing beautiful music for the sake of experiencing that beauty and sharing it with others can be forgotten along the way. I’m often really frustrated by the lack of visible women in music production and am joining this project in part to be a small piece of the change this industry desperately needs. Apart from instrumental composition, I have a rock band and we’re working on our first record right now! Hopefully it will be complete in time for the summer.

I’m honored and humbled to have my very first virtual instrument, “Evergreen Easel” based on the beautiful Buchla Music Easel here at my home at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, US, featured on Pianobook today:

I’m looking forward to learning more about the process of sampling, music composition, and the creation of the musical tools that others can use to realize their sonic potential.

Kady Richardson