Say hello! (New Community Members Thread)


Hi all! I am a composer from Russia. Not a professional by any means. I have been composing for 10+ years now and I do so when I have a little free time away from my dayjob. I love videogames and was lucky enough to have friends who are into making them, and was invited to participate as a composer.
I look forward to meeting fellow musicians!


Hi all
I’m a composer and music producer based in Norway. I started making music on 486-PC with a program called Impulse Tracker. Started at age 11, and now 33 years and still going strong. I’ve been working as a composer assistant for the last 3-4 years and gained a lot of knowledge that way.

My music have been featured on Samsung commercials, trailers, spots, Statoil commercials, Telenor, Norwegian movies and TV-series.

I have contributed with one layer sample of my Yamaha U1.

Kai-Anders Ryan


Hello everyone! Norwegian music maker here! I work as an audio/stage technician by day (and night, this line of work doesn’t allow a normal schedule in any sense of the word, haha) as well as a touring musician as the bass player of norwegian band Bokassa.

I spend most of my spare time in Ableton making sounds and music, mostly darker electronic / experimental and contemporary classical sort of stuff but I like to play around with a variety of genres! Have scored a few short films and theatre plays, but nothing major as of now, hoping to do more stuff like that in the future! As for the pianobook project, I contributed my “Palm Muted Upright” library that I got inspired to make after stumbling upon Christopher’s youtube channel a while back.


Hi everyone!

I’m a computer science student passionate about music, sound, perception, and the maths behind it all. I love the intersection between these two universes as it allows me to be engaged artistically and intellectually. I play piano and cello (I am a novice at both, but greatly enjoy playing them), and modular synthesizer. I’ve scored a thing or two for some friends studying film production, and I’ve created countless bits of musical experiments in a somewhat chaotic way over the last few years in my free time.

I also happen to be an active member of, a forum loosely centred on electronic music which houses a very lively community.

I’ve really enjoyed the content Christian has put out, along with the thoughtful comments put forth by his audience, so I’m really looking forward to discussing music with everyone here!


Lines was part of the inspiration to use Discourse for this forum as well! Welcome and thanks for joining us here :smile:


I work under the name of Wyshwood and have been ‘composing’ music for decades. I have dabbled in TV and corp video advertising (1980s) but have only recently got serious again and have collaborated with a company developing a game called Clive N Wrench. I have a purpose built cabin studio at home where I cobble together competent sounding pieces that have been painstakingly played, fettled and glued together to sound cohesive. I am not a player and have always considered my music making like a sophisticated Lego model. My late friend once coined this idea and it stuck. It was only last year I took piano lessons to try and help me understand what I’ve been doing for the last 40 years. I have old school equipment that I record to multitrack and then export and mix in the DAW. My experience extends to recording live bands and choirs to the point of some local radio airplay. One day I’ll grow up and realise the near impossibility of being a recognized composer, but 'til then I will rock on in the delusion that what I do matters somewhere, and storm through the gates of Impostor Syndrome into the city of Music.


@Wyshwood Hi, there are no rules when it come to creating music and yes, what you do does matter and we all have different abilities and ways of creating music which comes back to the ‘there are no rules when it come to creating music’ so welcome and enjoy. :+1:



I’m Patrick, half-Danish half-Swedish and living in South UK splitting my time between Hampshire and Devon.

I was fortunate that there was always an acoustic piano in the home growing up, so I think I’ve always heard the sounds of piano as long as I can remember.

My dad was a pilot in the Danish air force as a young man and whenever he visited US air bases there would be LPs for sale real cheap, so he often bought 2 copies of the same. There’s often one very listened-to copy and one pristine for later!
Thus I explored everything from classical music to 60’s rock, the Beatles, jazz, easy listening, you name it.

My most influential early piano LP experiences have to be the London/Decca LP with Vladimir Ashkenazy playing Chopin’s 4 Ballades and Trois Nouvelles Etudes as well as the American pianist Leonard Pennario (otherwise known for “Midnight on the Cliffs” written for the 56 MGM film “Julie”) playing Chopin’s 24 Preludes. And not least Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky concerti and symphonies and concerti by Mozart. Bach on the organ by E. Power Biggs…

Came to the UK in 1999 for university, film studies in Southampton and after that music performance at Chichester.

I’ve played the odd piano recital, started seriously trying to figure out using computers for music nearly 10 years ago now and still making mistakes left right and centre and learning as I go.

Pianobook seemed to come by at the most opportune time as I was experimenting with sampling my most recently acquired piano, a Bechstein Model 9 dating from before World War 1.

I spotted that another pianobooker Andrew Ward had a Model 9 from the same period and was living near me in Devon and I offered to help him sample his piano, which is the 1911 Bechstein Upright.

Happy to be part of the community and long may it thrive!


Wow! I just checked the admin dashboard and we’re now 65 users strong! Welcome everyone, it’s so great to see this community growing so quickly. I think we’ve demonstrated the value of having a composer and sampler oriented home for communication and it can only get better from here. At only a week in we had over 6000 page views on the forum, so those 65 users are coming back often!

I’d love to hear ideas to help spread the word and invite more folks into the fold.


Hi everyone, my name is Bop Westerduin, 26yo from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I work in engineering by day and try to be creative at night (although buying and overhauling a house is somewhat hampering this at the moment). I’ve been into music since I was 10 or so and created my first “song” when I was 12 using the demo version of Fruityloops :joy:

I’ve been a fan of Spitfire for a long time now, bought my first Spitfire product (Albion One) about 3 years ago and been following Christians vlog since the beginning. I have recently aquired the small upright Piano that belonged to my piano teacher and her father (also a piano teacher) and I’m planning to sample it in the hallway of my storage unit as it has a really nice and long natural reverb. Now just waiting for some money to come in to buy some decent mics! Was looking at a pair of NT1A’s or possibly NT2A’s, unless anyone has a better alternative at roughly that pricepoint? Thanks!


It’s thanks to you that my piano is available on here - so thanks again, Patrick! :+1::grinning::musical_keyboard:


Pleasure to have met in this way! Most welcome!


Hi, everyone. I’m Trey. This community is such a simple idea, but a lovely one.


Hi dear pianofriends, I’m a composer, songwriter, instrumentalist (piano, 5 string banjo, mandolin, guitar, accordeon) from Holland. Through one of Christian’s videos (as a Spitfire fan), I got to know the Pianobook. Although I’m not a person who samples . . I hope I’m welcome here. Would like to exchange original music here with fellow cinematic composers and piano players. Great place to hang out I think!


Hi Everyone, My name is Justin and I am a 16-year-old student who’s passionate about music and music production. I have some experiences as a mixer and a sound engineer but I don’t have a lot of experience in composing music. I also play piano from the age of 4 and I am still playing it as a hobby.

I am a regular viewer of Christian’s Vlogs, and I am absolutely fascinated by what this community is doing. I truly appreciate what this community is for and I would also like to thank Christian and the awesome people at Spitfire Audio especially with their LABS and their Youtube channels to help inspire so many people including me. Only through them that I would be able to discover the world of sampling and film scores. My hope here in this community is to be able to discuss music with everyone here. And my ultimate goal here is to hopefully contribute my own pianobook to this wonderful community. Anyway, looking forward to meeting fellow musicians!




Dear Friends,

I’m Tamas Zsiros, but I usually hide behind the “Weldroid” persona (being extremely shy and in general prefer to spend time with music and sounds instead).

if you’re into strange but melodic electronic music, you might want to check out this link.

In this day and age it’s really refreshing to see such a kind place on the surface of this horror planet called “the internet”. Keep up being awesome.



Dearest Friends, so happy to join this community !!
My name is Bhavnath. I spend my lifetime in the Himalayas and Mauritius Island.

I LOVE music, frequencies, resonance and nature sounds.
Just recently i was able to compose music…and with youtube it brought me to spitfire and christian channel. BIG INSPIRATION as you already know.

Right now im totally captured by pianos…and this Pianobook Community is just what i was looking for to hear all that beauty of samples. Thank you all so much!

Not much else to say rather than theres indepth of me and the music i compose on

Much Love :heart:


Hello there!

My name is Fred, I’m a composer from France. I started making music in 2007 for my friends’ short-movies. In 2017 I composed my first score for a long feature film: Hostile, by Mathieu Turi.

Last week I created Family Piano Pads, 3 pad instruments derived from Stephen Tallamy’s excellent piano. Feel free to tell me what you think of it, which one you prefer, and if you use them in a track I would love to hear it!


Hello all.
I am an engineer who dabbles in various things for fun. For the last couple of years I have been looking at attempting to create something that when observed from the correct angle could be mistaken for music.
I was hopeless in music at school 20 years ago, to the extent i think my music teacher couldn’t believe anyone could fail to play the piano or guitar so badly without actively trying to be bad. However sample based music given its technical nature and between seeing the power of the Yamaha sampler they had but I wasn’t allowed to touch as I couldn’t play piano and a very old video on “African Sanctus” by David Fanshawe that we were shown in a couple of classes when they had nothing better for us to do, my interest was mildly piqued. Its just taken a couple of decades for me to start doing anything though.