Say hello! (New Community Members Thread)


Hi Ted. I downloaded your Toy Piano Ensemble last week. What a wonderful idea. I’m working in Studio One 4.1. This has afforded me an opportunity to learn more about my DAW and about how this whole sample instrument thing works.
I couldn’t load up the instrument in the file. So, I created my own in S1 using the Sample XT stock instrument/sampler. I also can’t utilize the velocity layers. These aren’t problems.
I haven’t seen anyone in Studio One yet. The file I created has the samples which I edited the lengths of and a generic instrument format.
First, I’m not sure how to attribute the ‘instrument’ but I want to share it if you think that would be helpful.
Second, I used it in my first ever ‘real’ song created with instruments in a DAW. (Not my first foray into composition, though!)
My own invention based on Christian’s Pianobook idea is a Cowbell Piano – it came out pretty well and I wanted to use it in a song. I want to tweak a couple of things and maybe upload it here when I’m ready.

: )

listening to the track again on Soundcloud: the toy piano has a lot more presence in my original, so this might not highlight it as much as I thought. (compression algorithm?)


Awesome Lisa, glad you were able to make it work for you! Good luck on your path!


Hi, My name is Pablo and I’m from Spain. I play Violin and Drums, but a few months ago I wished learn to play piano. I buy a digital Piano Casio CDP 130, I plug this piano with a computer runs Kontakt ou Addictive Keys, and I start my video course.

I have a Yamaha MX88 too.

I will love receive your help and instructions for make reality this dream.

See you soon


Hello there :3 , my name is Christopher I am a 22 years old student from Mexico, I’m not a music expert in any kind of way
I do not understand musical theory, I do read music sheets, I can not write the little a do is make sounds using only my ear but a hope this community can help me sending my feedback :slight_smile: so thanks


OK. So I am a musician/composer/cretive living in Stockholm, Sweden. I´ve been playing music in one way or another since the age of 4. That doesn’t say anything about my ability or talent though. There has been many twists and turns on this journey:) The major part of my life I´ve been working in communication and advertising. Writing copy for films and campaigns for the last 20 years aimed at the nordic countries mostly. During this time I´ve always been involved in music and composing. Sometimes as a contributor to the score for films I´ve written or as composer for other projects.
But to be honest, I have lived a fortunate life with many positive experiences, that it self has meant that I never focused on the music as a pro composer. The films, the campaigns and the many different project have lured me astray:)
Then from time to time I leave the outside world and enter my studio, not to be seen for days. And its a treat. Working on some pseudo classic piece for hours and hours while the rest of the planet keep on turning, I sometimes believe its the thing that have kept me ticking all these years.
Lately I have turned more to a somewhat more subtle new kind of film scores. Experimenting a lot and try to build emotional combinations of avant garde sounds and orchestral arrangements.
I do hope this forum may grow in a graceful way. Its so inspiring to hang out with people that are positive and generous with their insights. I have always been looking for smart people with a dedication – I do not steel on purpose, but tend to borrow from time to time.

Best to you all, and see you around.

(by the way, do try The Quite Piano and layer it with the Atmospheres - its a treat)

MOMA, Sweden


Hey Guys and Gals

A bit late to the party, but you may remember me from this video: That was my first real forage into the world of sampling. I’ve been busy since, turning that basic freebie into a full blown library, set up my company and moved back to Hanoi. I don’t yet have a piano, so I can’t contribute anything on that front, but I hope I can help in other ways. I’ll do my best to be active here!



Hi, everyone. I’m a big fan of Christian and decided to sign up. I teach physics and math and, when I’m not doing that, play with my modular synth. Here to learn!


Hey guys!

really excited to be apart of this group! I’ve been producing electronic music for 2 years now, haven’t released anything yet but I intend to in the future! I’m self taught pianist/guitarist, and I’ve been classically trained on the trumpet, aswell as having Grade 8 on Bass Guitar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m of to study music and technology at the university of Nottingham this year, excited to see where it’ll take me and the other musicians I’ll meet along the way!


Hello! My name is Conner, but I go by Pierce. I make music here:

I also design sounds, primarily for video games but I would like to get into film perhaps.

Lately I’ve been deep into sampling and building super responsive instrument patches to use in my compositions and to give to others, hopefully I will be giving you all some good pianos to use very soon!



Hello all! I’m excited to be a part of this community. I have recently begun composing, and learning to play piano, so it’s quite thrilling to dive into this project in its infancy. Massive thank you to Christian for having ideas like this and seeing them through, it makes our world a little bit better, doesn’t it?



I can’t say enough positives about what Christian is doing, not just with Pianobook, but with Spitfire generally and with his vlog. I watch his Youtube videos immediately that I see they’re released, and am amazed at the quality and quantity of his output. But most of all, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone contribute more positively to generating a community of like-minded musicians, who are here to enjoy the process of making music (and not drama!).

So, a sentence about me: I’m a hobbyist, who started out as a guitarist as a child, but became aware of what could be done with music in Cubase 20 years ago or so, and just had to learn piano so that I could take advantage of what sample libraries could provide. I thoroughly enjoy teaching my 2 kids music, and they too seem to have developed the bug for music (though not samples yet, sadly!). I like to discuss the area of sample libraries, and find VI-Control to be too toxic and negative, so have high hopes for this forum. The comments on Christian’s YouTube vlogs seem remarkably constructive, very atypical of any other YouTube channel I’ve seen, so I have high hopes for the piano book forum. Thank you for making this available, and I look forward to interacting with this community and learning from you. I hope it grows and encompasses members with a like-minded approach to constructive discussion.


Greetings shipmates.
I’m a would be composer and feel very lucky to be creating music in this age of samplers and softsynths. I had studied music formally but this century I have studied music tech. While I was learning sound design, mixing and post production, I discovered my interest in music production.
I love what’s happening with the pianobook and look forward to see where this ride takes us!


Hiya @ironbut :+1 Welcome to the forum.


Hello everyone!
I am a musician from Cochabamba, Bolivia. I’ve learned music for 13 years already since I was 7.
I my main instrument is the oboe but currently I am in the fifth semester of Music Production and Engineering career in a university in Monterrey, Mexico. I am looking forward to become a composer for TV, Film and Videogames.
Now I think it will be really interesting to be part of this project because I love the world of Sampling and Sound Design and this community Christian founded looks really really nice and full of knowledge to share.


Hi Everyone. What a fabulous project this is. I am looking forward to exploring, experimenting and creating in this arena. I live in the Western Lake District in Cumbria, and write music for Lake District Documentaries and Film. I have six albums of ‘Lakes’ music, as well as Music for Well-being and Music for Playrooms. Just finished a project with Film-maker Terry Abraham around Great Langdale. I am currently working on a musical adaptation of a classic novel, and also re-visiting and re-imagining previous work.
I also make wooden toys and models, design and build sets and motorcycle when I can, so it gives me another avenue to be creative when I get ‘writers block!’
This forum has the ability to introduce some amazing talented musicians with each other, and that is amazing.


My name is Felix Smittick. I am a hobbyist music creator, mainly for my current and yet to be finished videos. I have been enjoying learning from the more knowledgeable folks here and experimenting with the cool instruments created. Gratitude!!!


Hi :smile:

I’m Tom Prince. I’m just starting down the Composing route and have been a pianist for 16 years (playing a variety of other instruments along the way). However… I’m also completely new to forums, so bear with me :rofl: I have no idea how this works.

Looking forward to this!!! :grin:


Hi everyone,

I’m a compulsive composer who likes the way music can convey things that are hard to express by other means, and how it can reinforce the meaning of words and images and support, even change, the state of mind.

I like this pianobook project idea and I’m very intrigued about how it’s going to evolve and what would it mean in the future.


I’m Lincoln from Richmond, Va.
Classically trained percussionist with an under grad in music ed.
Many years performing drum set and percussion in all styles.

Been composing since 2006 and it has been a journey!
Loving the community here so far - Christian has been a huge inspiration.

I don’t own a piano but have been making other Kontakt instruments for a little while. I imagine I will be sampling one quite soon from the hotel lobby or similar! Haha!

Logic and pro tools user, sometimes studio one.
Glad to be among you like minded folks!



Hi all
New member here !
I’m a composer and music producer from California.
I’m excited to be a part of this community ! :musical_keyboard: