Say hello! (New Community Members Thread)


Hello all. I am retired old codger. Not much of a musician but have done some recordings of musicians and love all musical sounds. My main interest for years has been with reed organs so I hope I am not entirely in the wrong place. I have a huge Estey Salon American RO and a beautiful Mustel pressure harmonium. Some years ago Propellerhead sampled a Mannborg RO of mine at Abbey Road. My plan is to sample my reed organs as I love the sound.



Man I would LOVE some sampled reed organs. These are so hard to find compared to many other keyboard and reed instruments out there (not only in person but sample libraries too!)


Well I will give it a try. I don’t have the software to do anything very sophisticated. I would like to separate the attack of each note, make a smooth sustain loop, and have a separate key-off sound. Probably a tall order but it will be fun learning!


For sure! This community is the place to be if you have any questions about those kinds of things too, kontakt has a fairly powerful built in sample editor and grouping system that should let you accomplish those things with ease. And of course if you don’t feel comfortable doing the scripting people here would be happy enough to build an instrument with the samples too!


Hi everyone. I have been a member of the forum for a little while now but I’m terrible at posting. I enjoy reading (lurking I believe is the correct term) but seldom posting. I am a long time user of logic and the EXS24 but I have only just started to learn to play the piano properly when I unearthed a hidden love for uprights. I will try and be a little more interactive haha… :grin:


My name is Michel and I’m an musician/composer from Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Love everything I’ve seen so far from pianobook and used a couple of them in recording try-outs. Hope to sample one of my one the coming weeks. Keep on going, looks like a new and very welcome community has arrived!


Hi, as a piano lover, I’m really glad to be part of this great community. I didn’t know until today there was a forum. So, I feel even better since I discovered this forum. I’m not a professional composer, but all my free time and money are dedicated to music. I don’t have any acoustic piano at home right now, but I have a short term plan to get one.


Hi Folks!
I am a media composer and i also have a daily job as TV composer. My main instrument is the guitar.
I was guitar teacher for long years and also played in lots of bands in Germany.
My sampling journey started with my first sampler Akai S2000 back in early 2000’s.
I love sampling and i love to build instruments in Kontakt.
btw. i won the Rusty Gate Competition


Hello, my name is Marco, I am an Italian chap based in Manchester, UK.

I have been playing the piano since I was 7, when I initially put my hands (or fingers, should I sy) on my mother’s August Forster upright piano. Over 36 years, and still not a half decent piano player, I have gone through playing keyboards/arranging orchestral elements in several metal bands. I then decided to temporarily put band activity aside, to solely focus on media composition, which I have been doing for 2 years and a half, now.
That has resulted into co-writing the score for a short American drama, the release of a couple of self-produced albums, the soundtrack for a web based game developed by an American indie developer. At the moment, I have been focussing on writing library music, but I have got a few gigs/projects I am working on, as well.
Last effort, fascinated by Christian’s sampling ability, I started creating my own sounds, which I really am enjoying doing!


Hello! I’m Moray, and I’m a composer/keyboardist/sound designer based near Bath/Bristol in the UK.

I’ve been a pianist for pretty much my whole life and have been slowly making my way into the world of media composition over the last couple of years, currently working on my first feature while sending out pitches left, right and centre, and writing my own material. I’ve been enthralled by synthesizers for years but it’s only in the last year or so that I’ve been experimenting with samples in my sound design instead of oscillators, wavetables and operators.

I’m hoping to be able to sample my neighbour’s harpsichord for Pianobook - its modest exterior hides a wealth of intriguing sounds!


Hi yall, I’m key and I am a part-time non-professional sound designer, sound editor, sound producer, sampling experimenter and sometimes I make music which some people call “being OK to exist”. I do not play any instruments, I have very small amount of gear (small MIDI keyboard, ZOOM H2n recorder with one faulty mic and ATH-40x headphones) and I happen to use weirdly small amount of software and plugins. And yes, most of my works are CC licensed

On to less important stuff… I’m Russian, bilingual (Ukrainian/Russian native, do not consider myself fluent in English), 19 y/o from Belgorod, studying on third year in uni (Applied Computer Science) and working half-time in uni’s recording “studio”, doing some coding in C and Golang, educating my friends about audio engineering to help them learn it not the way I did (hard way, all myself through trial and error, watching foreign tutorials, which had also made me start learning English extensively). I do all music and sound related stuff for about 4 years (cannot really know, since I was not tracking this), starting from tracker music (using my friend’s software Sunvox). Also I’m Ableton user, and I love and hate this powerful piece of junk. And I have a website,, which has most of my social links, as well as links to my music, which I “release” under “patch plot” project


Hello all! I just joined. I’m a Sheffield-based composer, and I’ve done lots of short films and contributions to various libraries.

I have only rarely sampled things, but Christian’s videos have convinced me to have a proper go at it. Coincidentally, I’ve just been staying in a converted chapel in Wales which happened to have an old piano. And I just happened to have my Zoom recorder with me. So I sampled it! I’m assembling the Kontact instrument right now and will share it soon, although early signs aren’t promising… But I look forward to engaging with lots of you.



Hello Dudettes and Dudes!

I am Max from Chemnitz/Germany. Since the age of 14 I play guitar actively and did my A-Levels with advanced courses in music and maths. Since then I am studying and have nearly finished my masters in systems engineering.
In the last years I also started learning keyboard-insturments and bass-guitar by myself. About 10 Years ago I started recording myself and since then I invested a lot of time in my recording- and production-skills. I am here to learn more about sound-design and sampling. And also the use of Samplers… okay… Kontakt :wink: I am also learning the engineering-aspects of Reaktor at the moment for sound-design-reasons.
Regarding music, I enjoy classical music (especially the late-romantic-era and impressionism), Ambient/Chillout/Trip hop, prog Rock, technical Death, Deathcore and also these genres paired with the attributes melodic and math. Because of CH and spitfire I also enjoy Trailermusic and the way they create moods and layer their stuff.
I am looking forward to learn a lot of stuff from all of you, give some of my knowledge back and maybe collaborate with some of you!



Hi all, my name is Kelly and I am just starting my piano journey. I am a disabled physician that uses music to distract myself from my back pain and depression. I have been playing and recording the ukulele for about 6 years now and have just started learning to play keys on my Schoenhut toy piano using the pianomarvel website. You can say I enjoy instruments that plink! I am saving up for a proper midi keyboard since the number of keys of my current instrument is rather restrictive(37 keys). Current goal is to save 250 bucks and buy the Arturia 61 key Essentials product. I like its versatility and also don’t think I will ever have the finances to buy a digital piano.

I am so happy to find a piano community!


I’ve been involved in Piano Book since it started. Love it and use many of the instruments all the time!

Up until recently I was a composer for commercials. I had a fairly large music house (25 people), with studios in NY, Chi, and LA. But things went sideways and I left it to my former partner and set off on my own in 2017. I’m trying to shift into long-form scoring, but it’s been a struggle, frankly. I still do some commercial work to make a living. I also record/perform electronic music as Dudadius. I perform on a small modular system. I just started a music vlog, which I’m pretty excited about (apologies to Christian for any stylistic aping):


Hi everyone,

I’m Ahmed Almusawi a tv composer and music producer from Sultanate of Oman.
I watch Christian’s regularly and I really appreciate what he is doing.

I do some sampling my self and most of the time i do creat a specific samples for a project that im compsing.

Here is my Instagram:

I apologize for my language, as English is not my native language.


I am Adrian Bossert from Johannesburg in South Africa. I am a composer, sound/recording engineer and run a small recording studio. I have only recently entered into this space of sampling as I have previously simply made use of many commercial packages. So I would say I am here more to learn than to be able to offer any real good advice.


Hi all :))

I am a big fan of music overall and my favorite instrument is piano of course :))

It is a pleasure to share such an amazing hobby/love with you all.

Wish you all the best and see you in the threads :smiley:


Hi, my name’s Billy.
I contributed The Sneaky Piano (

About me:
-I compose mainly for games.
-I’m a trombonist and pianist.
-I go by Billy ‘Often William’ Palmer online.

I’m 21, graduated a month back - Since then, I’ve been working some hours as a composer’s assistant, and can thank Christian’s vlog for helping me get here!

I’m going to carry on creating samples and learning more about Kontakt. I have been really pleasantly surprised by just how much I’m enjoying creating my own instruments!
I’m excited to see some familar faces in this community, including David Hilowitz, who’s tutorials are amazing.
I’m also going to mention that The Sneaky Piano was created with lots of lovely advice and support from Simon at Ivy Audio, check out his site for some outstanding and free libraries (just google ivyaudio).

I have a website, if you’d like to hear my stuff:



Hi all! I’m Lachlan.

Been here a few weeks but didn’t get around to posting here till now. Really enjoying the this community and I definitely plan to stick around. Been using this website as an opportunity to learn about about sampling and scripting together virtual instruments which is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

About me:

  • I’m a marine ecologist/data scientist and do a lot of work in ocean modelling (stuff like tracking ocean currents, penguin movements and particle simulations).
  • I do a bit of freelance programming on the side (mainly Python and R but have been looking into C++ to do more audio development work)
  • Really been getting into the scripting side of Kontakt. Have found KSP to be a surprisingly nice format to work in.
  • Most of my hobbies involve the ocean and/or beach.
  • My composition style is ambient/cinematic.

I’m really amazed by the quality of instruments that have been produced by this community and really excited to contribute in what ever way I can. I’ve already learned so much through this community so definitely want to find ways to give back. Always up for collaborations so get in touch if you have any ideas you think I can help you with.